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Greetings from Waddersville

Yes, it’s true… things have not been going well with Vogue 1192, and the time has come that we must part ways.

From the envelope photo, I thought that the side pleats would be lovely and elegant.  In truth?  Side pleats=an instant extra 10 pounds on me.  I don’t like ruching or wrap waists, or anything really that adds bulk and folds of fabric around the midsection, a fact which I conveniently forgot.  “But it’s a mock wrap style,” I thought, “Surely that’s not the same!”  It’s possible that a lighter fabric might have less of this effect (this is a medium weight,) but the extra fabric for the tucks has to go somewhere.

In addition, it’s rather large through the shoulders.  And I think there might be an error with the largest front lining piece.  Mine did not come out the same length as the back pieces (but I suppose this could be operator error, I’m not making it again to find out!)  And the fabric is rather icky.  Does anyone else hate the smell of polyester when you iron it?  It reminds me of choir robes… so many memories of overheated Sundays.  So oh well – I will rescue the zipper for another project.  This was at least not fancy fabric, so I consider it a lesson learned!

I am instead going to start Vogue 8667, since my knit tricot lining fabric arrived today.  I can’t wait (I know this style will suit me!)  I ordered a few new pieces from (love them!)

The fabric on top is rayon challis in a lovely raspberry.  I will say that this is not the same challis I bought from them in the summer… it’s thicker and perhaps a bit more rough.  I will have to wash it to see, but I think it will work for a 1940s pattern (I was going to use the Vogue reissue 2876, but since I note that it has a side tie I think I’m switching that… I have a ton of 40s patterns and I’ll go through them.)  The printed fabric is from Patty Young’s new collection of interlock knits, and I’m going to use it for Vogue 8593 (the Michelle Obama dress.)  Interlock is one of the recommended fabrics.  I love the print!

These are both Sophia doubleknits.  A few of you told me how nice they were, so I had to find out for myself!  The green (which in real life is a gorgeous dark teal) is for Vogue 8413, because I love the stand-up color that looks very 60s.  I bought the gray for a jacket, but it’s a bit too light and drapey for that – it will also be a dress, I’m not yet sure what.  I bought all these knits because I really want some knit dresses to wear for self stitched september -I love my ponte dress!

I’ve worn that dress 3 times already.  I wore it yesterday to get my hair done:

I went a bit shorter – it’s shoulder length with an angle in the front, and should be great for lots of hairstyles.  It was getting a bit too long to do what I like with it.  The color is a cool mahogany.  It isn’t this bright in normal light, but I love how it looks in the sun.  In normal light it is dark.

Closeup of the color: I love it!  My hairdresser is so great, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to deal with my frequent color changes!

I’m off to cut some patterns… my left thumb still isn’t 100%, but luckily I don’t need it for that!