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Sewing ergonomics and new Fall patterns

Threads magazine has an article this month about setting up your sewing room for proper ergonomics.  My wrist scare – which brought up fears of carpal tunel or worse –  has made me think about updating my furniture.  I have the big cutting table from Joann, and it’s ok, but I think I need to raise it up a bit (I’m a little taller than average.)  I need a new chair, because I am using, no joke, one of the vinyl covered chairs from my 1950s kitchen dinette set.  It’s way too low, and it doesn’t have wheels.  But I’m starting to think I need an actual sewing table for my Bernina, and I’m stumped.  I know I want to be able to recess the machine.  And I don’t want anything too flimsy.  But I also don’t want to spend a fortune.  Do you have a sewing table that you’re happy with?  Any recommendations for me?  I’d really appreciate it!

Simplicity has released the rest of their fall patterns (why do it in 2 pieces?) and the Buttericks are out as well.  I only like one of the Simplicity patterns.

The purple ruffled jacket is very Anthropologie-esque I think.  I would not make it purple.  I also like the leather with the ruffled neck.    The less said about the giant elastic cuffs on the bottom two the better.  They also released a new PR dress, but I will have to see it made up… I don’t like the envelope photos very much at all.

Butterick had a few cute patterns this time.  I’ve only made one Butterick pattern before, but sometime perhaps I will get to more.

I like this a lot.  It does look a bit like a coat in the back, but that’s ok.  On that point, whatever happened to the coat dress?  I come across vintage patterns for coatdresses all the time, and to the modern eye they look strange – like you wore your coat indoors to a party or something.   The neck and empire waist of this pattern would work for me.

Cute.  Very dramatic, but the sleeves are long enough to not get in my way.

I like the seaming, and how that top piece stands away from the body a bit.  I’m not sure I would make it, but it does make it more interesting than the standard sheath.

I love a peplum.  I spent an hour last week going through every pattern tagged “peplum” on Etsy.  I also like the sparkley shoulders, which remind me of last week’s Project Runway winning dress.  I’m not sure I like how high the neck is, at least not for me.

The rest of the patterns were ok (really, how many versions of the waterfall cardigan do we need?  And I like them, but still… too many!)

I’m going to finish up my jacket this weekend and get a start on another dress – I’m not sure what yet.  I’m also contemplating placing an order from Fashion fabric club.  I’ve ordered twice before, and it’s sort of like playing fabric roulette – you never quite know what you’re getting, but overall I’ve been pleased.  I need to get some fabrics for the fall projects I have planned (I am in denial about the 100 degree heat today.)

Let me know if you have a sewing table you would recommend!