Feeling much better

Thank you all for the support shown to my bad week – it really helped to know I’m not the only one who (for instance) is an angry crier.   In spite of my tendency to hibernate when I’m down, like Leon the cat above in his hamper (where he has spent the majority of this week,) I instead went out to lunch today with an old friend, with whom I’ve recently reconnected.  Indian food always cheers me up!

Then I came home, and did this:

Oh, who am I kidding – I fished it out of the trash and stored it carefully away.  You know, in case I want to try when I’m in a better frame of mind.  I don’t like the way the facings go on this dress – there are several layers of fabric and pieces that intersect at the vees, and sewing them together neatly requires more patience than I currently have.

Instead, I cut the pieces for this dress:

I was inspired by Erica, who posted today that she is sewing for “pre-Fall,” or things that will transition between summer and fall.  This dress will do nicely.  I’m going to attempt to leave off the zipper, and I’m not going to interface the bands (this fabric is pretty stable, and I don’t have any knit interfacing, nor can I buy any locally.)  I’m not sure if I will start the jacket yet… that may wait for a bit.

It’s all cut and ready to sew… maybe tonight, but I am going out for pub quiz (we go most every week,) so maybe not.  Hopefully it goes smoothly!