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Not the best of weeks

I have had a bad week.  People have been upset with me, I’ve been cried on, and in one memorable conversation, someone tried to convince me that I was morally a bad person (which is so completely the wrong thing to say to me if you don’t want a fight.)  I avoid confrontation at almost any cost, and I’ve had a lot of it.  For years I would find myself crying angry tears any time I was mad, but now at least I can hold them until after the argument… but still, it makes me upset for days.

Last night I couldn’t even sew, because I got so upset when I didn’t understand a piece of the directions that I cried. Seriously, big tears.  Marc cheered me up a bit with a vodka gimlet and the Mad Men premiere, but it was still a bad week.

Ok, enough self-pity – I’m sure things will look up soon!

I am working on the Tracy Reese dress muslin, but the neck facing directions are confusing me.  I hope to figure them out today (thank goodness it’s a light work day!)

I also bought 2 new vintage patterns.

I saw Mccall 6849 come up once before and I missed out on it, so when this turned up on Etsy I bought it right away.  I love this dress, and I hope I can make it work!  The lines are simple, and I can wear junior sizes.

Simplicity 5789 was one I had been searching for in my size (this isn’t the one I bought… I have a 32.)  I like the shaped midriff piece, and I’m pretty sure I want to make it out of a tweedy wool with the long sleeves.  It is perhaps a bit like a Star Trek uniform, but for me, let’s face it, that’s sort of a plus.

Oh yes, she would approve.

(and yes, I am a Trekkie, conventions and all.)