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Wishful thinking

First of all, thank you all so much for the delightful comments on my last two posts!  I was glad to see all the INFJs come out of the woodwork, and that I’m not the only one with a secret regency romance obsession.  I’m eternally a bit behind in responding, but I will get there!

As to the title of this post?  Well, now that we’ve hit the worst part of summer, I can’t stop thinking about fall.   Walking out my front door right now is literally like walking into a boiling river, that’s how hot and humid it is – the air is so thick with moisture that even breathing is harder than it should be.  I’ve spent the day cutting out patterns – I’ve discovered that if I’ve already cut the pieces I’m more likely to start something, and I can watch tv while I do it.  I’m ready to start the muslin of Vogue 1086 (I’m only muslining the bodice, and I’m raising the neckline and armholes before I even start, based on feedback from other sewers who have made this dress.)

I did have to run out for a zipper, and I came home with a fabric for some transitional weather sewing.

I’m going to make both parts of this pattern, but I don’t necessarily intend to wear them together.  The dress will be made of gray ponte doubleknit.  I have several dresses I want to use doubleknits for, so I’m looking to get a feel for how sewing the stuff goes!    The jacket will be made of this lightweight denim.  The color is off in this photo – it’s actually very nearly black, but the blues come out under the camera.  I have one denim jacket, which I bought in 1997 from JC Penney.  The sleeves are quite long, and it is also too long for my torso, so I almost never wear it.  I want some updated denim – I’m going to make this pattern, and then I’m also thinking of a boyfriend-style blazer.  It will be a good way to work denim into my wardrobe, since I pretty much never wear jeans out of the house.

I plan to make this pattern in August.  Before that I still want to make the Tracy Reese dress, and the backless Cynthia Steffe below.

I took another photo to try and capture the true color of this fabric.  I think this is close – it’s a glorious cool hot raspberry pink.  I always thought I couldn’t wear pink, but as it turns out I just kept choosing terrible warm shades of salmon and coral – I think I am a clear winter, and I need shades that are pure – muted colors just look muddy on me, and they wash me out.   Of course, these are the colors I always gravitated towards anyway, but it’s nice to know that I was onto something!   It also tells me why taupes look decent, but most other browns are terrible on me.

I’m going to use the other color of this challis to make the Ceylon dress from Colette patterns.

This color is not teal, but my camera just can’t do green.   Take my word for it, this color is bright!  Since this dress has sleeves, I’m counting it as a transitional dress.  I’m a little worried about sewing it – I know I always have to do a SBA adjustment with colette patterns, and perhaps a few others – but the pattern is lovely, and I’m very much into 40s inspired looks.  I have this one slated for August also.

I’m working on a post about my fashion inspirations for this Autumn, so look for that soon.

Is anyone else thinking about fall?  I hope you’re keeping well out of the heat!

12 thoughts on “Wishful thinking

  1. good luck with the cynthia rowley dress. i am in the middle of mine right now and i must say its a bit of a bugger. you are very talented though so i am sure yours will turn out great. can’t wait to see it.

  2. I found your blog today and I just wanted to say, I love your projects! I’m just beginning to sew garments, so I’m excited to keep up with your lovely blog! 🙂

  3. Love your latest dress! Also, just wanted to say that I finished my Tulip skirt…I commented on your project at BurdaStyle saying I was inspired…and it’s a stunner! Hope to post pictures soon. Thanks again! Heather

  4. Very excited to see what you have lined up. I’ve seen versions of that jacket that I’ve really liked, so am tempted by it myself. Will look forward to hearing how it goes! And I already KNOW you will look absolutely divine in the Ceylon dress. I don’t envy you all that humidity. I’m not good with humidity (and neither is my hair).

  5. I don’t really sew, but I’m curious now – that Cynthia Rowley pattern you have appears to be exactly the same as a Cynthia Rowley dress I just picked up at Marshalls! (Same color too.) Does it have pockets?

  6. i am getting excited about fall clothes too, except that i still have a long list of summer wear that i wanted to finish before it ends. i’m thinking about starting more transitional pieces and limit summer clothes to things that only take a few hours to sew.

  7. I’ve been following your blog for quite while but I don’t think I’ve ever commented before.

    I have always loved your knitting projects and so followed you for those but following your blog has got me thinking about making clothes again. I used to make them when I was a teenager as it was more cost effective. I haven’t made anything for about 20 years but I have got a free pattern from a magazine for a dress and I might have a go at that if I can get suitable fabric. Here in the UK it isn’t as easy to get good dress fabric as it used to be.

  8. I love your future projects! 1161 is a great little dress, and I do love anything in teal, turquoise or blue.
    I’m not thinking fall OR spring right now.. I’m thinking pieces that work for all seasons. It’s hot outside, even hotter in the car, freezing in the office, and mildly warm at home. I could be too cold or too warm at any given moment during the day! So I’m trying to make things that work if I’m stuck in the heat OR cold 🙂

  9. I have also just bought the Ceylon dress pattern – it’s going to be my first attempt at buttonholes and sleeves, but I’ll take it slow. I’m thinking of making it in royal blue. I’ve also bought the Roobois pattern, also with autumn wear in mind…although it is decidedly chilly in my corner of the UK so it wouldn’t hurt at all to get it made up now!

  10. I found your blog through Sewing Pattern review and really enjoyed reading up on your creations. You have such a good eye for things that suit you, especially colour and the fact that you use a lot of patterned fabrics successfully has inspired me to be more adventurous in that area myself. I’m planning on ordering some fabric from Spoonflower to be shipped over to the Uk to make a really special and modern dress. I’m thinking of putting it on Pattern Review too, my first posting.

    What I also noted was that you had investigated your Myers-Briggs type which is an area I have been interested in for many years.

    Typing oneself can be quite difficult. After getting interested in the subject I realised my type was incorrect, which is apparently quite common. Because I worked in a very tough, competitive environment and had learned many of the traits of those people I was answering the questions as I perhaps “learned” to be. But it was not my natural style, and I have come to settle on the right one now, I hope.

    I wondered what you now think your type is. I hope I’m not treading on sensitive feelings when I say that from my understanding, the world of crafts and sewing is populated mainly by “S” types, not “N” types. We’re the one’s who live in the world of our senses, with a great eye for colour and style with sewing and crafts really tapping into our true self.

    Have you considered you might be an ISFJ?

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