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The rest of summer sewing

I divide the year up into three seasons:

1. So cold I have to wear a sweater (ie Winter, but really only January and maybe February)

2. Actually warm enough that I can go without sleeves (except in the case of air conditioning) (Summer, but really only July and August.)

3. Most of the year

I am certainly more cold natured than warm, so it’s lucky that I live in a (relatively) mild climate.  I don’t mind the hot, humid summers at all, though people around me are complaining right now (average high this week: 93, with a ton of humidity.)

What this means for my sewing is that I need to make a whole lot of transitional items, and not so many things that can only be worn in extreme temperatures.  It’s mid july, which means I should probably think about the rest of my summer sewing.  So here are the ideas I have for the next few weeks:

Butterick 5490 in cotton/silk twill.

I’m almost definitely making this next.  I like the pleating on the skirt, and I’ve been searching all summer for a pattern to go with this fabric.  I’m thinking of doing the waistband in a contrasting fabric, what do you think?  I like the mismatched print on the envelope, but my print is smaller, so it wouldn’t look as good.  I think a contrasting colored band could look neat, or perhaps just black.  I’m taking a swatch with me to the fabric store this afternoon to figure things out.

Vogue 1086, a Tracy Reese design, in rayon challis.  I was thinking of using this for the ruffle dress I finished yesterday, but since I liked my muslin I’m repurposing this fabric.  I love this design, and I think the print would work well – all the gathers around the waistband save me from too much matching!

I also want to make at least one of these open backed designs.  I have some nice quality solid colored rayon challis that might be nice – both designs require a lot of drape, and I’m not currently buying 4-ply silk!

The magenta is pretty accurate, but the green is lighter and brighter in real life – more of a seafoam green.  I really love rayon challis, if you can’t tell… it breathes, and it sews so beautifully!  I also have this nice silk/cotton blend.

It’s more of a burgundy in real life.   I fear the shininess of this fabric, though I suppose I could use the wrong side, which is not shiny.  I might save this fabric for fall, since it is a more subdued color.

So there you go: my updated sewing plan for the rest of summer.  I do, of course, have more things planned that could technically be called summer, but these are the ones I feel like need hot weather!