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The First dress of Autumn (Simplicity 2360)

Pattern: Simplicity 2360

Fabric: Peachskin print from Joann

Notes: I don’t usually make wearable muslins.  The reason for that are twofold: first of all, I want to be able to write all over my muslins, and second of all, if it turns out well I end up never making the item with the original fabric.  I had planned to make this pattern out of a rayon challis, but I was really uncertain about this style on me – would I like the ruffles, or the relatively unfitted (and belted) style?  I found this print at Joann’s, and decided that I would do something unusual and make a wearable muslin – this print will be nice for autumn, and since fall here tends to be somewhat warm, I like having clothes in autumn colors that aren’t too warm.

This is my attempt at a “serious model” slumping pose.  I obviously shouldn’t quit my day job.

I have to tell you, I love the style.  The pattern itself was super easy to sew, without any kind of closure.  I used the rolled hem on my serger to finish the ruffle edges, and I think they look very professional!  I made a straight size 6, though I could have gone to an 8 in the skirt I think.  It fits fine, but the pockets would be more useful with a little extra room.

My husband insisted on taking a photo of my matching nailpolish.

The fabric is a polyester peachskin.  I’ve never sewn peachskin before, and I was expecting a nightmare.  But – it didn’t really fray, and once I figured out the best combo for sewing it (using a ballpoint needle with Coats and Clark thread on the Singer Rocketeer) it went really well.  The Rocketeer, by the way, for some reason sews much better with Coats and Clark thread.  I prefer Mettler or Guttermann, but at least it’s economical!

It isn’t a cool fabric, but it will be fine for autumn.  The colors of this fabric are not something I would usually choose, but I’m trying to branch out – I’ve gotten my copy of “Color me Beautiful” and I am trying to puzzle out what I might be.  I think being extremely fair makes it hard.  I think I’m cool toned, or at least I know that except in rare occasions (in a print combined with black) I cannot wear brown.  I do wear black very well.  I can’t wear peach, or most orange and yellow colors.  I wear taupe brown eyeshadow because bronze makes me look like I’ve been punched in the face.  But who knows… I’m going to need some help to figure it out!

I had my hair colored a few weeks back, because all the old color was turning brassy.  My natural color is rather ashy, or at least I think it is, so rarely have I seen it in the past 15 years!  I started coloring it because I didn’t like how it looked gray in some lights.  I went with a dark auburn with more of a cool cast than I usually get, and I like it far better that the bright warm red I used to have.    It many lights it just looks like a dark cool brown, but in the sun the (burgundy?) highlights come out.

I seem to be rambling, but anyway… I highly recommend this pattern, but I don’t need two of them, so I have once again fallen prey to the wearable muslin trap.  It’s quite trendy – in fact, I went on Modcloth today and found they had just added this dress – look familiar?  Other than the rolled hem on the ruffles, my only other alterations were to use 1/8″ elastic rather than 1/4″ – it was too bulk otherwise, and to sew down the neck facing by hand.  I love the way the ruffles form little sleeves!

Now onto the rest of my summer sewing – my mind is on fall already, but I haven’t finished the things I’d planned yet!