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Fall Vogue patterns 2010

After my disappointment with McCalls, I was really hoping that the Fall Vogue patterns wouldn’t turn out to be nothing but a repeat of all the bad fashion choices I made in the 80s.  They’re out today, and I am so relieved – they’re actually way less crazy pants than they have been lately (no insane jumpsuits or caftans that require 10 yards of fabric!)

Here are my picks (warning: there are a lot.  I really like this collection.)

Designer patterns

1194 (DKNY Design)

I have been longing for a pattern like this – knit with an empire waist but not oversized!  The other DKNY knit dress I made is probably my most worn self-made dress, so I’m hoping to meet similar success with this one!

1191 (Michael Kors design)

I love Michael Kors.  I know a lot of people say that he just does basic sportswear, but I think it’s hard to get that aesthetic right.  This is chic, but it isn’t covered with ruffles or lots of baubles.  This is an advanced pattern, but I’m going to buy it and hope my skills get up to that level soon – love that twisted front (I also have the pattern for his starlet dress waiting for me to be less afraid… someday!)

1190 (Tracy Reese)

I should probably mention that cold weather dresses without sleeve options annoy me, but I make them anyway and wear cardigans.  This would be cute for a special occasion – I really like the way the straps meet in the back.

1203 (Tracy Reese)

I like both pieces of this ensemble, though I think the styling is off somehow.    Hate the ribbon belt with the beads.  Look at the line drawings – the skirt is really nice, and I do love a cowl neck.

1195 (Badgley Mischka)

You can’t tell, but this is a slip dress with an overblouse.  Really, there is no excuse for why I like this silhouette, but I always have – I have several blouses with this dramatic sleeve style, and I love them!  It’s a bit 80s, but this is the kind of 80s I don’t mind… the kind that involves beautiful draping, and does not involve acid washed anything.

Regular Vogue patterns


I like the side ruching and the petal style waistband.  The view with the ruching on both sides is rather like another Vouge pattern, but I would get this for the first view.


This is so very Mad Men inspired.  I love that sort of neckline.  I would make both the full and straight skirt versions – I really like this one!


The pleating at the neckline is cute, and I like that it’s a knit dress with a more tailored silhouette – and it has sleeves!  Great basic, and one of the “Very Easy, very Vogue” patterns.

I found lots to love here – I am starting to plan my cold weather wardrobe, and some of these patterns will be featured (especially the DKNY and the cute Mad Men dress… I’m already searching for a light doubleknit to use for the latter.   I will say that I was disappointed by both the Rebecca Taylor patterns (not my style, too loose) and that there are some crazy carrot pants by Donna Karan (Nope, still hate these!)

Overall a good collection – I can’t wait to get them in my hands!

16 thoughts on “Fall Vogue patterns 2010

  1. Wow, you’re fast! I haven’t even received the email from Vogue yet, telling me they have new patterns.
    I’m going to check them out myself but I love the Tracy Reese one you highlighted!

  2. My favorite is the DKNY, first red dress. I am not loving sewing with 2 way stretch but love everything else about the pattern. Just might have to give this one a try.

  3. OoOh yes – that pencil skirt and the Mad Men cowl dress are perfect! I tried to make a similar dress from a vintage pattern but it was way too big, so it would be great to try again with a pattern that fits!

  4. Oh, those are some lovely patterns! And I enjoy the overblouse one as well, I can’t really explain it, but it’s kind of retro in a mod way. Or something. Maybe just mod in a modern way?

  5. I love the Mad Men dress, too! I am loving all of your sewing projects. So inspiring. I wish I could sew so well. 🙂 And…Ravelry tells me it’s time to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

  6. I really like several of those, especially the last two. I haven’t tackled a dress yet, though. I’m afraid of the bodice. I have wide shoulders and a very small bust (I’m 5’11” and an A cup), so it’s almost impossible to get tops to flatter me. I don’t have any confidence that I would be able to make the bodice fit well.

  7. Arg, I was just trying to tuck the pattern-coveting-evil-personality-twin away and you come out with this post! Lovely picks for fall.

  8. I am a huge fan of this upcoming season’s Vogue collection! Loved that there were lots of knit dresses in different styles too.

  9. Yup, the new Vogues are pretty fantastic. I, too, have been waiting for a dress like that first DKNY one. It will be on the top of my fall sewing pile for sure.

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