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Ruffles! (Simplicity 2599)

Pattern: Simplicity 2599, view D

Fabric: Poly charmeuse

Notes: I told you that I had a great sewing weekend!  My last week has contained plenty of turmoil, and culminated in me having to make a decision to sit out next season in one of my choirs.  There is a conflict with my trip to Italy, and hello – I’m singing in St. Peter’s Basilica, and I’m not missing that!  Still though, while I recognize that I can’t do everything I do hate to disappoint anyone.  So anyway, I had several late nights, and got a lot of sewing done.

I have to tell you, I absolutely love this blouse!  I made it out of cheap poly charmeuse from Joann, both because I wasn’t making a muslin, and because I wanted to see if I liked sewing with charmeuse.  The fabric was a little finicky, but overall not so bad.  I used my walking foot for all construction that didn’t involve the gathers, and that helped keep everything from sliding around.  The seams are all finished with my serger, because this material does ravel pretty badly.  The serger didn’t like this fabric much, but it managed.

I went down 2 sizes from the recommended size and made a size 4.  It fits very well, though it’s not as much like a tunic as the pattern envelope shows.  I wanted to tuck it in, so I made it smaller (about 3.5 inches of bust ease.)  I had a few quibbles with the directions.  First of all, if you are using a fabric that ravels at all I would serge the open edge of each ruffle before attaching them(they are made of doubled fabric.)  I did, and I’m glad – I can imagine it continuing to fray on the outside of the blouse!  I thought the technique for making the button loop was fiddly, and I might just use a ribbon next time.

The patter was really a pleasure to sew, and came together easily in a day.  I love it with my Beignet skirt!  While I had some tops that I wore with this skirt, I really wanted to make a special blouse.  I think this will look fantastic under a cardigan too, as the ruffles will make it stand out.  I’m hoping to make one or two other views from this pattern while ruffles are still in fashion (well, they always are for me, but you know…)

I also love the shoes I’m wearing – Keds sneakers with a platform!  I’ve always loved Keds, and I’m never without a pair of the classic white shoes.  I got these for $2 at Goodwill this summer, brand new, and I love them so much!

23 thoughts on “Ruffles! (Simplicity 2599)

  1. That is a brilliant version of the blouse! It looks lovely. I don’t bother with the button fastening at the back as you don’t need it to slip the blouse over your head and my button opening just gapes. The blouse works perfectly with the skirt.

  2. HOW CUTE! I love the ruffles and fabric you chose. It looks so much better than the pattern envelope, being fitted and all. I think I’ll have to purchase this pattern now. And why don’t I own a bright yellow skirt?…

  3. Can I just tell you I am having a horrible day at work, but seeing such a cute outfit in incredibly sunny colours (not to mention how happy you look wearing them!) totally made me smile. Now I can’t wait to go home and make some joy of my own!

  4. I totally couldn’t imagine this blouse looking good when you described it (I’m not much for ruffles), but it looks absolutely perfect with that outfit! What a great look for you!

  5. Oh you look wonderful! Love that bright yellow skirt, in fact I think it’s the first Beignet I saw on Pattern Review that inspired me to make my own (unfinished) version! And the blouse is super cute.

  6. Your outfit is fabulous! I’ve never been in love with the beignet skirt, but I really really like your version. Especially paired with your smashing top. Great job!

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