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Rooibos dress, take two

Pattern: Rooibos by Colette patterns

Fabric: Blue stretch poplin from fashionista fabrics

Notes: I really do apologize for how poorly this fabric photographs – it seems that my camera loathes polka dots and the color navy.   It also shows every wrinkle, but I swear it doesn’t look so wrinkled in real life!  This is my second time making this dress, and the finished garment is quite different!  The first difference is, of course, the fabric.  I wanted a less dressy version, and I needed a summertime weight.  I loved this polka dot fabric right away (it is a bit more navy than it appears in the photos… I had to turn up the contrast to get the polka dots to show up in photos.)  I used a self fabric facing, and eliminated the collar.  I also left out the zipper – since this dress stretches it wasn’t necessary, and I was having a lot of trouble getting it to apply smoothly, even with interfacing.

I ended up not lining the dress, but upon reflection I really think that I should have – it will need a slip to stop the way poplin likes to cling to itself and wrinkle.  I’m not wearing one here, and you can see how it wrinkles.  Poplin is one of the recommended fabrics, but in my opinion this dress works better with a less crisp fabric – the wool crepe I made the first one out of is perfect.

Having said that, I am pleased with this dress – it’s very cool and perfect for summertime.  I added a bit of length but it’s still short on me… no matter, I will just wear it with flats!

I fixed the facing in this photo – it was twisted in the first photos causing that weird cross boob wrinkle you see.  Polka dot garment number one is finished – and I’ve also completed the ruffle blouse.  Photos to come later in the week!  I had a very productive sewing weekend, the first in awhile!

8 thoughts on “Rooibos dress, take two

  1. So cute! I love the polka dot fabric and the pockets. I have yet to make anything from a Colette pattern…must add to my to-do list!

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