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Early morning

I am not a morning person.  I am, in fact, the sort of person who has to wake up at least 2 hours before they have to see anyone, because that’s how long it takes me to make myself personable.  We’re meeting my in-laws for lunch at 11 today, so naturally I had to wake up at eight.  Keep in mind that my work day usually begins about 2 pm, so being up early is highly unnatural for me!

I was up way too late last night, working on my Rooibos dress.   All that remains is the zipper and hemming!  I did have a bit of a scare though – somehow the piece that I had traced the first time I made it, which was clearly labeled “Rooibos skirt side front top, size 0” was in fact nothing of the sort.  Don’t ask me what it was, but while it was a similar shape, it was definitely not the right piece, which I didn’t figure out until I spent an hour trying to make the pockets work with a too small piece!  Luckily I was able to recut the pieces after tracing the right ones (the old piece even had double notches – nothing on that pattern has a double notch.  Craziness!  I think the pattern trolls have been messing with me again.)

I have to tell you that you all have inspired me – look what I ordered off ebay this morning (it cost all of a dollar!)

I of course bought the 80s edition.  When it gets here, some of my friends and I are going to have a little party and “have our colors done,” as it goes in 80s parlance.  I will be certain to post the results!   I am also completely jealous of the number of you who had your colors done in Girl Scouts.  My Mom was my scout leader, and she was more of the “go camp in the woods and eat bugs” variety.  We did not do any of the more girly patches.  On one notable camping trip, I actually organized a mutiny in the troop, where we refused to go off and identify local flora and fauna on the grounds that it was cold, raining, and we were missing some important shows on cable.  Sometimes I think my Mom wonders how I can possibly be her daughter!

Rounding out my early morning internet purchases, I bought this pattern on the cheap (it seems that no one wants patterns of this era, including me usually.)

I think it’s probably from the 90s, based on the envelope, though it doesn’t look very 90s.  Could it be newer than that?  Let me know if you have this one!   There are some 80s elements going on, but it’s not over the top with the shoulder pads.  I think it’s very 40s.  I love the little side drape on the skirt.  I think I should make it up in black, don’t you?  I can imagine a lot of functions I have to attend that need a chic black dress (but not a formal.)  I showed it to my husband, and he said “It’s very black widow, isn’t it?  You’ll need a little black hat with a veil.  And a rich husband to murder.”  But never mind what he thinks, what do men know about fashion?  And then he said he wants in on the color party – though I’m fairly certain that with black hair and pale skin he is a winter.

I had to go to Hancock’s yesterday, and picked up  few Summer patterns for 99 cents.

I like these, but my issue with Butterick (and Vogue) patterns is that they don’t list any measurements on the envelope!  As soon as I buy a pattern without these measurements I open it up and look on the pieces for the measurements (marked by a cross.)

Then I write this info on the envelope.

That way, when I go to buy fabric for this dress I will already know what size I’m going to make.   I was happy to find that all these patterns should fit me – I seem to be pretty reliably a Butterick size 8.

I’m off to lunch – I hope to finish my dress today!