I am often asked where I get my shoes.  I have a few vintage pairs, a few Clarks, some Dansko sandals, and the occasional one off, but I’d say 75% of my shoes come from the brand Sofft.

Sofft is not a new brand, and they make comfortable shoes.  But even better – they make comfortable shoes that are cute and vintage inspired!  Why am I telling you this?  Because right now (Zappos outlet site) has a great selection of them dirt cheap.  They usually cost $100 or so a pair, but I just got 3 pair for that amount – I love a bargain!   Here’s my review on the ones I got (I wear a size US 8.  I have really high arches that sometimes cause pain, a normal sized foot, and a narrow heel (thus I never wear anything with a back strap.)

Sofft Valeria

I bought the black patent/black suede combo above.  These are really cute – a vintage look with a medium heel (I am so tired of only seeing flats or 3+ inch heel!)  They don’t show any toe cleavage (I don’t actual mind if they do, but I know some people do.)

Sofft Corine

These remind me of dance shoes I have worn.  They’re really comfortable – even more than the first pair.  The strap is elasticized, but not in a cheap way if that makes any sense.

Sofft Parma

Since I have high arches, I am always looking for flats that aren’t totally flat (I get foot cramps from really flat shoes.)  These have a tiny heel.  I will probably use an arch insert in these anyway.  They go are a little higher cut than they look.  You’ll probably see these on me a lot!  They do run a bit small – I ordered an 8.5 and it pretty much fits.

And… the pairs that I already own which are on sale.

Sofft Lena

I get so many compliments on these – I love the bright red patent finish!  They are extremely comfortable – I wear them to walk all over, and have never had any issue.

Sofft Poppy

I wear these all the time – you’ve probably seen them in lots of my photos!  The buckle gives them a bit of a 60s/early 70s look.  These don’t have as much arch support as some of the others, so I wear a small insert with them.

Sofft Pienza

I bought these last winter, when loafers were in.  I wear them with jeans.  These actually run a bit narrow in the toe box I think – I had to break them in.  Now they are fine.  They do show toe cleavage, but I like that since it tones down how conservative loafers are!

Sofft Valentina

Cute, but only in the brown.  I won’t lie, the black looks orthopedic to me (I tried it on at Dillards.) Something about the type of leather they use for the black is off.  The brown though?  Super cute, especially with brightly colored tights.

Finally, I have to say that the Steffi boots are really, really cute in person – but I don’t own them because I have skinny calves, and I can only buy boots that are sized by calf width.  These are too wide for me.

I have others, but they’re not on 6pm yet.  I also really recommend the Serafino t-strap sandal, which I have in black patent – totally adorable and my favorite shoe with jeans this summer… just not on sale yet!

(No, I’m not being paid for this… I just really love this brand, and some of these shoes are on sale for $25 a pair – I never see them that cheap!)

Admittedly I don’t have really “out there” taste in shoes – I don’t wear a lot of sandals, and I totally dislike the aggressive, angry shoes that seem to be going on (don’t get me started on the open toed bootie, or booties in general for that matter… I don’t like them, and even if I did they only make my legs look even skinnier.)  And I’m not willing to wear painful shoes either.  Plus most of my shoes have to be piano friendly (I do play in heels, because I’m used to it, though some of my past piano teachers would flinch!)  My other current favorite brand is Seychelles… not as comfortable, but really cute!  Some of those are on 6pm as well.

I hope that helps someone out!  I’m spending today sewing my dress.  I may have failed at matching the print, but oh well… so do expensive dresses sometimes, so I will live.

Happy 4th of July to the Americans – I’m going to wear my Tara dress and make some Avocado mangoritas!

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Shame, I have none

at least not the sort that involves posting photos of me wearing muslins on the web!  I completed the muslin of the 70s sundress, and I’m very pleased with the fit, even if the photos make it look like I live in a tomb (somehow my self-taken mirror shots usually turn out better!)

I may give just a tad more room in the waist.  I think, though, that most of those wrinkles are caused by it being pinned in the back (my husband did his best, but it’s definitely not exactly matched at the buttonhole lines, thus the wrinkles.)  The waist on this is quite high, which I like.   Note the 70s-ish platform sandals, which I want to wear with the dress to match the pattern envelope.  They’re actual modern Danskos, which I found brand new this summer at a thrift store for 5 dollars (I had almost bought the same pair the week before for over $100!)  They’re great walking sandals.

It is pinned to meet at the center back line – this will be entirely buttons on the actual dress.  The straps will need to be shortened, because I had to pin them pretty far down, but I love the crossed back!  I have decided that I’m pro-ruffle – I am a ruffle person, and it is a wee bit plain.  Besides, I have made a last minute fabric substitution, which cries for ruffles.

There wasn’t anything wrong with the polka dot – I just decided that I really wanted to use that fabric to make a second Rooibos dress – I love the idea of it in polka dots!  This fabric is a cotton/linen blend  in a floral ikat style print.  I really love the colors.  I got this at Joann tonight, when I ventured there for the 4th of July sale.  Right now I’m trying to decide how I should best match the print.  I think center front of the skirt and part of the princess seams should be enough – I just don’t have enough fabric to do more and still have room for the ruffle.

Now I’m off to do some creative cutting – it will be hard to match the print and still get the ruffle in!