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The right to change my mind

Every once in awhile a fellow blogger will tell me “I don’t blog about my plans or WIPs in case something goes wrong.”  But I figure it like this… what good is a blog that only paints me as perfect?  I’m certainly not, though I do try to learn from my mistakes!  I know I like reading about what doesn’t work as well as what does!

It’s not the blouse I posted about yesterday, but the pants that go along with it – (from the April burda.)   As it turns out, I don’t really like pants.  Now I knew this… after all, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even own any pants in high school.  At this point I  wear pants as a sort of “last resort” item (not jeans though… I like dressy jeans.)  And the instructions were frustrating, and I just thought “I am not enjoying this.  I can buy pants.”  And that was that.   I’ll use the nice RPL and gabardine I have to make some basic black skirts – something my wardrobe is definitely lacking.  I’m still making the blouse, but not next – I need a break to think about how I’m approaching things.  So what am I doing instead?

I’m using a navy blue and white dot stretch poplin.  I’m making a bodice muslin first, as vintage patterns are unpredictable.  Here the pattern pieces are ready for tracing.  The pattern is in excellent shape.  I’m undecided on the ruffle vs no ruffle issue… my husband had a violent sort of “no ruffle” reaction, and I’m thinking he may be right… it will be more versatile without, but then again I do love a ruffle…)

I love the details included in these old patterns.  In particular, I love the seam lines being drawn in.  I know that with multi-size patterns it just wouldn’t work, but it makes seam matching really easy (I’m really bad to match up the cut edge and not wherever the seams are going to be.)

And the notches are numbered… very helpful.  Um… I don’t think they still are, right?  I have to admit, I am a lazy notcher.  I only bother to mark them if they’re necessary – say around a place of easing or gathering.  Most patterns have too many, and I don’t use them anyway.

The bodice is done except for the straps.  It’s hard to tell yet, but I think it fits.  I will probably shape the waist a bit more – my fabric is stretchy, so I don’t need much ease.  There is a totally reasonable (for this style) 3 inches of ease in the bust.  70s era patterns fit me really well.  Would you believe this is the first time I have sewn princess seams?  Somehow it hasn’t come up!

I’m also continuing to document my outfits for myself.  It’s really helping me!  Now I just need to sew faster, so I never feel like I have to wear any of the ill-fitting pairs of pants that I own.  I had a hard time figuring out what to wear with this tulip skirt, but I like this blue tank.  It’s better without the sweater, but I get cold when I teach (and today is a marathon day for me, with rehearsal til 10 tonight!)

Tonight, after I get home I want to finish my bodice muslin – I am really excited to make this dress (and please, tell me… ruffle or no ruffle?  I just can’t decide!)