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Your stitching links of the day

I’ve embarked on a new experiment – I’ve traced 2 patterns from Burdastyle magazine, and I’m going to try them out!  This week I’m going to try out a muslin of a pair of pants (from the April issue) and I’ll make this fabulous blouse:
This also marks my first time using silk charmeuse – certain to be a fun experience!   Any tips are welcome (for instance: how am I supposed to mark the darts?  Thread tracing?  Tailor’s tacks?  I’m sure as heck not writing on this stuff, and it isn’t exactly machine washable.)   I had to grade the blouse pattern down to a 34 (it only went to 36) but found the experience to be rather easy, using the “trace and shift” method (note: not an actual method, just what I made up that seems to work!)  I read a lot of complaints about Burda increasing the number of patterns per sheet, so I guess it’s good that I started out with the new style – that way when I use an older one it will seem easy!  I actually don’t mind tracing at all (I do it for vintage or expensive patterns also) since I broke down and bought a roll of artists tracing paper from the art supply down the street.  It’s very transparent and I can iron it, plus it’s more study than tissue.  Stay tuned for my Burda experience report!
Stitching links for your enjoyment
Gertie gives a great tutorial for using horsehair braid to shape a hem.  One of the 60s patterns I just bought calls for the stuff, so I’m glad to have the info!
– There’s a big sale at Gorgeous Fabrics for the 4th – go do your part to buy fabric so that I can’t!
– More quilting fabric designers try apparel fabric – a sign I am very encouraged to see! Patty Young’s upcoming line of cotton interlock knits are up for preorder here.
– Tasia’s fellow should win an award for organizing her sewing space for her… meanwhile, my husband’s idea of organizing involves making stacks of similarly sized objects.
– Have you been following Ton & Lorenzo’s series on the fashion of Mad Men?  It’s a must read for fans of the period!
– The Selfish Seamstress makes me jealous with her awesome polka dot skirt!
Happy sewing!