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After today’s post of patterns I don’t like, I thought it might be nice to show a few that I do!  I’m a bit of an obsessive etsy checker – every day I search for vintage patterns, even though I rarely ever buy any.  I’m feeling better lately about my chances with them, so this week I decided to treat myself to a few.  I prefer patterns from the 60s and 70s – not that I don’t like the 50s, but patterns from that era require major bust adjustment for me.  The 60s and 70s seem pretty true to size.  Here’s what I have coming to me:

When I saw this appear I literally gasped -the back cutout reminded me of this dress that Casey just posted, which I loved!  Is it totally impractical?  Why yes.  It’s also adorable!  I can see this being made up several ways – as a cute black dress, or in a floral rayon challis, similar to the photo.

This Vogue pattern must have been popular, because I have seen it lots of times – there are 3 on ebay and 2 on Etsy right now!  I actually bought it for the short version, though if it’s possible I might use the low back and make it sleeveless like the long version. I love the empire waist and the little bow!

This pattern is from 1958, according to the stamp on the cover!  The dress is slightly empire waisted, according to the back of the envelope, though it doesn’t look it in the illustration.   It’s a pretty basic pattern, and I was looking for a good simple dress of this era.  I probably wouldn’t make the jacket.

Isn’t the illustration on this one odd?  These women are oddly proportioned and slightly sinister.  They also appear to lack clavicles or cleavage.  This is a another cute 60s a-line, with pockets(!) and an unusual square neckline.   I like a-lines, and they work for my shape with an empire waist.

And finally, I actually got around to buying this 70s jumper, which I showed a few weeks back.  I was waiting on my size to appear!

It reminded me of the Colette Parfait jumper, which I also want to make someday… but I suspect that I would wear this more (less cleavage.)  I actually want this to be one of my next projects, so that I can get some summer wear out of it.  I have a few cotton voiles that I like the print, but I’m not sure… do you think voile might be too lightweight?  I’m not actually planning to wear it as a jumper, which might make a difference, and I suppose I can underline if necessary… I’m just not sure if it would work.  Perhaps I should search for a heavier cotton.

Whew – that’s a lot of patterns!  Now I will be back to watching patterns (and not buying,) which is my usual MO… all of these, except the first, have been on my favorites list for literally months!  I told you I have a hard time making the decision to buy something!

11 thoughts on “Etsy love

  1. I love seeing your vintage patterns; they remind me of the ones my mother and grandmother had when I was growing up, and I so wish they’d saved them so I could give them to you or anyone who is collecting them now!

    The third pattern you posted looks somewhat similar to a new dress I just bought this past weekend and posted on my blog. Since I don’t sew, it was so much fun to find a dress I’d envisioned in my head that was ready-made. Couldn’t resist! Now I’m scouring shawl patterns for something lovely to knit to wear with it.

  2. I too wish McCall’s would get their act together. I received the same email and was appauled by the new patterns. I think you have purchased some fabulous alternatives. I especially love the first pattern! Oh I can’t wait to see what you make from it!

  3. I love these! I’ve been taking swing dance lessons lately and have been really getting into the 50s fashions, so browsing vintage patterns can turn up some real lovely stuff.

    It would be great if you could tell us a little about your first sewing machine, and what you were looking for when buying machines recently. I’m looking to buy my first machine and feel a little out of my depth! I’m doing lots of reading round but I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  4. Yay! I love your picks, especially the jumper one! How much fun is it going to be picking buttons to go down the back… super cute!

  5. I like all your patterns. The first two are especially easy for me to imagine on you. My mother sews, and I had a sundress made from the last pattern. I also wore it over a shirt to school during the school year a la view 1.

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