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Seriously, McCalls? Seriously?

Ok, so the first Fall patterns have arrived.  I love Autumn – it’s my favorite season, both for weather and clothing.  So I was excited when the email showed up in my inbox that the Fall patterns had arrived.  I went to the website to view them, and I must admit that I was speechless (not in a good way, mind.)  I don’t usually like to criticize, but I think this is the 3rd McCalls collection in a row that I’ve just hated, so…

What’s up with the asymmetrical hemlines?  There were 3 tops in the spring collection with the same thing.  Is this going on in stores and I’m missing it?  This would be all kinds of unflattering on me, or anyone who is even faintly pear shaped.  Actually, I’m not sure who this would look good on, unless what they are trying to say is “Look at my hips!  Yes, look at them!”

And then there is the long jacket/vest trend.  I have seen this in a few stores, but it reminds me of Miami Vice in a particularly bad way.  I haven’t seen anyone actually wear one, but… maybe I don’t get out much.  Again, the proportions are strange (though at least this vest buttons high, rather than around the hips the way the one in the summer collection did.)

This pattern had several bad options, and I had trouble picking just one.  Apparently, someone is trying to bring back leg-o-mutton sleeves, and they need to stop.

This is a bedazzled denim majorette jacket, full stop.   I don’t trust any pattern where the model is making a kicky pose – I’d imagine it hangs funny if she puts down her arms.

You don’t think the basic sheath dress could be unflattering?  You’d be wrong.  I hate those weird sleeves, which manage to be even less flattering to arms than cap sleeves, no mean feet.

But the good news?  Now you are no longer a slave to buying your dog a name brand snuggie!

The dog in yellow looks like he wants to die of humiliation.  Seriously, people… dogs don’t need snuggies (I would argue that people don’t either, but I know that’s a controversial topic!)

I really wonder how the division of labor goes on over at McVoguerick (since all 3 pattern companies are now under the same umbrella.)  I love Vogue, though they are sometimes wacky, and I think Butterick actually makes some nice patterns (I have several nice dresses.)  So what’s with McCalls?  I think perhaps they skew younger, though the Hillary Duff line is gone, because they have lots of patterns that seem very young to me – younger than my friends would wear, and they are mostly in their twenties.   I’m not interested in sewing trendy stuff (or, indeed, wearing it if the trend is 80s revival) so I know I’m probably not their target demographic.  Maybe this stuff sells?  It puzzles me.   It seems to me that they’ve gotten new designers, as this stuff is so different from the (relatively cute) patterns a season or two back.

Oh well – I am anxiously awaiting Simplicity and Vogue’s Fall patterns, as I’m sure there will be some for me there.  And I’ve been on a vintage pattern hunt too, so I’ll show you what I got soon!