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Wedded out

I seem to attend a lot of weddings.  Of course, in my line of work one performs at a lot of weddings… and lately it seems as though our cousins are all getting married at once!  I actually love weddings, because I love any occasion that allows me to wear a nice dress.  My husband’s cousin got married on Saturday in Cincinnati, and I wore the dress I made for the occasion (it was horribly humid in the Ohio valley, excuse my flat hair!)

Marc is so sweet… he spent literally all night telling people “My wife made her dress, can you believe it?”  The dress was really fun to wear and dance in (the skirt is very twirly!)  I did have to have my sister-in-law pin my bra straps in two places so that they wouldn’t slip out… as I said before, even with a low back bra, this dress is tough to wear with anything because of how low cut the back is.

While we were in Cincinnati we visited their independent fabric store, Banasch’s.  I’d never been, but I believe I will be returning on future family visits… the selection isn’t huge, but the quality was  nice… and I finally found fabric for Vogue 9668 – a lovely cotton jacquard (reversible!) from Alice and Olivia.

It’s got a nice weight, and if I line the dress I think it will span several seasons.  I will be using the black side.  Waechter’s silk shop has this fabric in their online shop – in fact, I noted several fabrics I saw at either Waechter’s or Sawyer Brook.  I never would have ordered this fabric, since it looks rather heavy in the photo.  In reality it is slightly crisp, but lighter than other jacquards I have felt – very good for this design (I am making the version with the full skirt.)  Since the pattern is regular, matching shouldn’t be too hard.

I have finished underlining my vintage dress, and I’ve started construction of the shell.  I’m using the same underlining method I used for the dress I’m wearing above.  Hopefully I will have time to work on it this week – summer isn’t terribly busy for me, and my Mondays are especially light now!

10 thoughts on “Wedded out

  1. That is so cute about your husband! My J does the same thing when I wear a handknitted sweater. It’s so sweet.

  2. Awesome fabric choice for Vogue 9668! – can’t wait to see your version! And you look lovely in your vintage rose-print dress.

  3. Your dress looks lovely on you – and your husband sounds very proud of your sewing skills!
    Love your new jacquard. I always feel I need to use the reverse in a jacquard, such as piping, just because you can!

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