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Fitting, again

Are you all tired of seeing this part of my house yet?  I’ve been looking for a tripod at yard sales this summer, but so far no luck… I’d rather have someplace else to take photos than the least attractive part of the house!

I made a muslin of Vogue 1137, and the fit is much better than I expected.

I made a few alterations before cutting the muslin.  I blended out 2 sizes in the waist, which is normal for me in these vintage patterns.  I also shortened the skirt by 6 inches – 3 from the skirt, and 3 from the side vents.

I wasn’t sure about the vents, and I’m still not… I’m pretty sure the skirt would be more flattering to me if it were a bit tapered towards the knees, but this is easier to walk in.  It isn’t hemmed, so it will be a little shorter, about mid-knee.  It was super long originally, and I can’t imagine that being flattering!

Back view.  I probably could do an alteration to the shoulders – there’s too much fabric in the middle, which I have fixed before with the upright posture alteration.  I’m not sure if I will or not, since it may make it more fitted than I would like.  I may also give just a smidge more room in the waist – the belt will make it fitted, and it will be more comfortable to sit in.  I’m reluctant though because I think the waist looks great, so I’m not sure.  I was considering altering the neckline to make it deeper (it will be deeper than it looks here… I did not pin back the seam allowances.)  However, I think I like the vintage look of the higher v-neck, so I’m going to leave it.

Hmm… now to plan the final alterations.  I bought a covered belt kit off Etsy, so I’m going to make a self-fabric belt.  I’m looking forward to that!  I’m going to line with bemberg rayon, and I’ve decide I need to underline in organza as well – I want more body than the fabric has on its own.  I hope to get the fabric cut and start underlining by Friday, but we are going out of town to a wedding this weekend, so I’m not sure how much sewing time I will have!  I’m waiting on the belt kit, and Joann didn’t have the Bemberg lining I wanted (apparently they only carry three colors now, sigh…) so I have ordered it instead… hopefully it will be here soon!