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My readers are the best!

You guys are awesome – I got 35 opinions on my button choice yesterday!  Red was the clear winner, but many of you suggested finding a different red.  I got off work early today, due to a sickness epidemic in my studio, so I actually had time to go to the fabric store.  Here is what I came back with:

Much better.  These are the same shade of red as the hearts, but are nice and plain.  I do wish the shank was a bit shorter, but hopefully they will work out!  I’m not planning to wear this blouse with casual bottoms, especially not jeans, so I think the touch of whimsy from the red won’t be too young.

I have plans to make a few skirts, including one to go with this blouse.  I have yet to buy fabric for that though… I want a black RPL (rayon, poly, lycra blend,) and can only find either 100& polyester or black sateen here.  I love sateen, but black cotton is a bad idea with three cats.   I want to make a slim skirt, possibly this skirt from the April Burdastyle:

See the cute little flounce and bow?  I liked the whole spread that this skirt came from, so I bought this issue..  I was not impressed with May, and I don’t have a subscription, so I’m not buying it.  June looks pretty good, but I’m undecided as yet.  I have yet to make anything from Burda, but I’ve decided it’s time!

One thing I love about sewing and knitting my own clothes is making my own interpretations of *ahem* overpriced clothes at stores.  One trend I’ve been seeing at stores like Anthropologie and J.Crew is the bold floral pencil skirt.  I’ve been on the lookout for a fabric to make my own.  While I was at Joann’s I browsed the fabric (we are a Joann Superstore, although that seems to translate to more crafty things rather than more fabric) and was surprised to find a fabric that I absolutely needed!

It’s a cotton jacquard.  Here’s a closeup of the texture:

Does it not remind you of the J Crew Impressionist skirt? Only I like this print better, as it has more pink and less of the chartreuse, which is a bit much in J Crew’s version.   I will refrain from posting their picture, because the styling makes me want to die a little inside.  Here it is the way I would wear it:

Impressionist skirt
I think it will be even prettier in this print.  But seriously – $110 for a pencil skirt?  This is why I am glad I sew now.  This fabric cost me 14 dollars total.  I’m thinking of using Jenny from Burdastyle.  Many of my favorite bloggers have had great results with this pattern.
I like the fact that it is shaped with darts rather than princess seams – I do not fancy matching this print!  It also has a really cute variation with suspenders that I could make later.   It is  higher waisted than the JCrew skirt, which is good… lower waisted pencil skirts are unflattering on me because they make my lower half look even shorter than it is (and it’s pretty short.)  With a long torso, the higher waist evens me out.
And what to wear with it?  I like a pleated knit shirt like the one above, but I think if I do that I’ll just buy one… I haven’t run across any patterns I love, and I don’t love sewing with knits anyway… but if anyone has a pattern they can think of, let me know!
Also:  I’m working on the look of the blog.  I changed the theme already, and love the new one (polka dots!)  I cleaned out a bunch of old links and info (I still had non-existant blog-rings listed!)  I’ve been thinking about self-hosted wordpress, but for now I’m staying put with this.  I am going to make my own header though!

16 thoughts on “My readers are the best!

  1. I think those buttons will be perfect for the blouse. And that skirt, well, I think that fabric will make an amazing pencil skirt. I can’t wait to see the finished result! (And I totally agree with you on the J Crew styling. Ugh)

  2. You definitely have great taste. I am planning to make a floral pencil skirt, too. I really enjoy seeing your sewing projects.

  3. Love the buttons and the fabric for the skirt! Stopping by JoAnn’s after work for interfacing and will have to check out the Burda skirt pattern! I jsut did a quickie dress from a Burda pattern and found the pattern to be well written and sized appropriately. By sized appropriately I mean that I made the size that corresponded to my measuerments and it did not come out looking like a tent, nor did I feel like I looked like 5 pounds of flour in a 3 pound sack.

    Never a good feeling…

  4. great button choice! wow the jcrew styling is downright painful. it’s like 80s madonna–all that’s missing is the lace fingerless gloves.

    now i want a big floral pencil skirt. i wonder if i have any suitable fabric in my stash…

  5. Totally LOVE the skirt fabric – WAY better than the original. I also like the new blog look – very sewing-esque. Maybe I should change mine too…hmmm.

    You may love your readers – but WE love your blog!

  6. I think you hit upon the best choice for the buttons!

    I was also wondering: would you mind if I added you to the links on my blog? I would love to list your blog, as you update so frequently and have such a wide variety of projects.

  7. Oh my goodness! I bought that same exact fabric to make a dress! I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the fabric. Your skirt will be gorgeous. You are right that your fabric choice beats J. Crews. Can’t wait to see the finished skirt.

    1. Oh, thank you – that is just what I was wanting! I will have to pick it up this weekend… I missed that variation because it was an illustration!


      1. I found some lovely kelly green to make up and some black pinstripe for a pencil skirt. Very excited about getting started on both!

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