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Button, button

I am not usually one to fuss about buttons.  Since the sad demise of the button wall at Baer fabric, I don’t have a lot of local options for cool buttons, so I buy my buttons at Joanns and deal (I have noticed that they are getting more interesting buttons though!)  Right now I’m working on my gingham blouse, and I’ve decided to add some decorative buttons at the bustline, as one of the views in the pattern shows.  Without the buttons it’s a bit of an endless sea of gingham, and a little plain, so I want to jazz it up.  But I can’t decide between these two sets of buttons, so I’m soliciting opinions!

First option: these adorable red heart buttons.  I have the other button, it’s just off the card.  I don’t usually use unusually shaped buttons, because they are hard to fit in buttonholes, but here it won’t matter!  I love red buttons, and I like the contrast with the green.  But is it too artsy-crafty?

Option two: pearly flower buttons.  A much sweeter, more traditional option.  But is it too sweet?  I don’t want the gingham to be too “daisy mae” you know.  And I wonder about the buttons getting lost on the busy print.

I’m leaning towards the red, but I’d like opinions!

For reference, here is the blouse:

See what I mean about it needing something?  It fits really well though, and took about 10 minutes to sew.  Really excellent pattern (review coming later, with buttons!)

37 thoughts on “Button, button

  1. I pick the red ones! They’re bright and fun, and the contrast adds a focal point on the ‘sea of gingham’ as you called it 🙂
    But that’s just me. I also love the heart shapes too.

  2. You know, normally I wouldn’t go for the heart-shaped buttons either, but that red on the gingham looks awesome! Red-heart shaped are my vote!

  3. I want to say the pearly ones but the red heart shaped ones just look fabulous next to the gingham!

  4. I think the red looks vintage awesome and the pearly ones do look sweet. But I think a red “non-heart-shaped” button would look perfect!

  5. I vote for the red hearts! As much as I like the pearl flowers, the red adds an extra touch of something. Very adorable!

  6. As much as I love the red with the gingham, I worry the heart shape would be too twee and cutesy.

  7. Hi, I am new here and glad to have found your website 🙂
    I would say that some red flowers would be perfect 🙂 but I think it depends on how you want to wear the blouse: just w/jeans or very casual bottoms, then red hearts; if you would want a wider range of options then the white flowers. If it were me, I’d go w/the flowers.

  8. I want to like the red hearts but I feel like they would make the top look juvenile.
    I say go with the flowers. They won’t “pop” like the red but will allow you to dress the top up or down depending on when you wear it.

  9. I see that what I felt pretty much summarizes what both you and all the commentators think): the red hearts would make it a tad too childish (which doesn’t really seem to be your style in general), the white flowers too serious. I say save these beauties for some future project and find a third option 😉

  10. Definitely red, but definitely not hearts. You want to be retro, but not the cutsie-kewpie-doll kind. Those pearl flowers are perfect – for some other blouse. I’m in awe of your sewing skills.

  11. Can you get red, but not heart-shaped buttons? I love the red, but I think the combination of gingham and heart shaped buttons might be just a bit twee. Might as well put your hair in pigtails then.
    I’ve really enjoyed your sewing bender, btw…trying to get inspired to go on one myself.

  12. As others have said, red + gingham = adorable but red hearts + gingham = a bit too much, in my opinion. I think the pearly buttons look like they have enough sheen to hold their own against the pattern.

  13. I like red but not hearts. That is too little girlish and cute. Pearl ones are good but plain. What about the darker color, black maybe or interesting red ones.

  14. Hi, I am new here also and just started reading your blog, LOVE IT! I would go with the red ones, they will look great on the blouse.

  15. Go for the red! At least if you don’t like them, you can switch them pretty easily. The white are a little bland, and the shirt is too cute for white buttons!

  16. Like the idea of red…but not so sure about hearts though….However….follow YOUR ‘heart’ on this – you have great vintage/whimsical style…

  17. The pearly buttons disappear on the gingham fabric, the red ones are much better! Lovely contrast – it’ll make the fabric pop! If you’re not sure about the heart shapes, then get a different set of red ones – any standard shape would be nice. I agree with all the others: save the flower buttons for another project!
    10 minutes to sew? Oh my gosh, I must start sewing again! I’d love to do a project in an hour…

  18. I love the red too, but I agree with some of the previous voters that the hearts are more of a child’s button. Your sewing binge has inspired me also, and I am learning so many cool things, I figured out what a muslin is and am now making one for a pair of pants of my own!

  19. Is there an option to acquire green buttons? perhaps with the flower shape and pearly effect? They might jazz up the blouse but still remain cohesive.

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