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Button, button

I am not usually one to fuss about buttons.  Since the sad demise of the button wall at Baer fabric, I don’t have a lot of local options for cool buttons, so I buy my buttons at Joanns and deal (I have noticed that they are getting more interesting buttons though!)  Right now I’m working on my gingham blouse, and I’ve decided to add some decorative buttons at the bustline, as one of the views in the pattern shows.  Without the buttons it’s a bit of an endless sea of gingham, and a little plain, so I want to jazz it up.  But I can’t decide between these two sets of buttons, so I’m soliciting opinions!

First option: these adorable red heart buttons.  I have the other button, it’s just off the card.  I don’t usually use unusually shaped buttons, because they are hard to fit in buttonholes, but here it won’t matter!  I love red buttons, and I like the contrast with the green.  But is it too artsy-crafty?

Option two: pearly flower buttons.  A much sweeter, more traditional option.  But is it too sweet?  I don’t want the gingham to be too “daisy mae” you know.  And I wonder about the buttons getting lost on the busy print.

I’m leaning towards the red, but I’d like opinions!

For reference, here is the blouse:

See what I mean about it needing something?  It fits really well though, and took about 10 minutes to sew.  Really excellent pattern (review coming later, with buttons!)