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Still alive!

I have survived my dentist experience!  It may have been the hardest one so far (and I am including having the front crowns) because I had a deep root cleaning at the same time.  I would not wish that on anyone, but fortunately I was sedated and remember very little of it.  (Although apparently I made my husband promise not to film me and put me on youtube before the drugs wore off!)  It is still pretty painful, but it’s getting better now.  Today all I did was sit around and try to come up with things I could eat that didn’t involve chewing.   When I’m sick, I still eat exactly the same things I did when I was 8… chicken soup (from the lipton mix… I know, it’s awful for you, but I love it,) yogurt (with cream on the top if I can find it,) and rice pudding.   My husband voted for Jello, but I don’t like jello… I know, I’m the only one.


I did manage to put the buttons on my dress, and it is basically finished.  The only issue I’m having is that the lining wants to show in the front, so it will need to be shortened.  I didn’t do the hem the way the instructions said, so it’s probably a bit long.  That’s an easy enough fix, and I hope to finish it in time to wear it to a baptism this weekend.

I’m considering my next sewing and knitting projects.  I really want a knitted bolero, so I’ve been sifting through my books.  I’m considering this vintage pattern, from an issue of Stitchcraft:

The pattern is available free here.  I would need to purchase yarn and decide on a color scheme… my supplies of skinny yarn are sadly depleted.

I also have quite a few Kim Hargreaves patterns I’m thinking of… but we will see.  I can’t wait for her new book, I always find them so inspiring (and yes, they can be similar, but I adore a peplum, I can’t help it!)

The next dress I make will be the 50s sundress with the rose fabric I showed a few entries back.  I want to finish it for a wedding, and I don’t want to be rushed.  I’m also thinking of blouses, and maybe trying a pair of ankle length pants?  I haven’t got a pattern for that though… I want something tapered, but without too much fullness around the hips.  Think late 50s/early 60s.  I think they were called cigarette pants?  And I’m still searching for fabric for my purse.  I’d better hurry up – spring has arrived, and I’m still carrying a purse made of tweed!

Thanks for the shoe help – I’ve ordered the Clarks and the Seychelles – I can’t wait for them to arrive!  I love Zappos… not only do they have free shipping, but they are headquartered here, meaning that they sell off all their returned shoes super cheap in their warehouse store.  Must make a trip there soon…

18 thoughts on “Still alive!

  1. How did you do those nails? They are fabulous.

    I love the vintage ads – a doctor I see has his entire waiting room decorated with vintage ads from the late forties/early fifties – sort of a post-war economic boom thing. They are so weird but gorgeous.

  2. I just looked at your blog and am so inspired by your accomplishments. I have been collecting vintage patterns and fabric for years but haven’t really sewn too much with them. I think I’m afraid of cutting into anything! As well as afraid of making another thing I won’t wear, or finish. I don’t have an ideal set-up for a sewing station, but I have the next week off and am determined to make a dress, dammit.

    What I wanted to find out is if there is a way to subscribe to your blog. Also, do you make a muslin every time you make something?

    Thanks for inspiring me!

    1. Thank you so much for the comments – I’m glad I’m inspiring you to sew your vintage patterns! You can subscribe to my blog through a blogreader – either google reader or bloglines (I like google reader better.) The site publishes an RSS feed automatically when I update, so updates will show in the reader. Either site can tell you how to add specific sites to your blogroll.

      I do pretty much always make a muslin of the bodice of a dress – if the skirt is full there is no need for me, but I am never sure about the top. On my last dress I had to cut a bigger size on the shoulders only! I always trace vintage patterns onto tracing paper, so I don’t have to worry about damaging the originals. I bet making a muslin helps you too, as you can see how it will fit. I don’t usually do facings or hems on the muslin, and I pin where there would be buttons (I do add zippers if it has one.) Some types of patterns are easier to fit than others, I am finding. A book on fitting can be a big help as well (I recommend ‘Fit for real people” and “Fast Fit.”) Good luck on your dress!

    2. You can also add a blog (that’s the entire bit of: to your Google homepage, if you log into igoogle. I use one of the tabs exclusively for all the blogs I subscribe to – you can minimise or expand each section and the colour scheme should show which ones you have read and which are goodies to still explore! I very much enjoy that. Google Reader is my preferred option for other types of sites I subscribe to.
      Don’t be afraid of cutting into things! You could try doing the patchwork for a mini quilt (I mean a really small one: something like say a potholder perhaps!) – you’ll have to do lots of cutting and that should very much help you get over the ‘I might get it wrong’ hurdle. Plus if you ever mis-cut a pattern piece in dressmaking, then quilting teaches how you can cobble the piece together from various fabric pieces: just pretend it was always meant to be like that! Or you could hide a seamline by sticking a ribbon on top, or something like that!
      Making things is so much fun, don’t let anything stop you!

  3. I love the nails – I just got a Konad and used it for the first time last night. Results are a little messy, but I think it’ll be super fun once I get the hang of using it!

  4. I’m glad to hear you are doing well! I love Kim Hargreaves patterns, but I have yet to knit one. I don’t think the similarity is a problem, though, since they are all a little different, some are better for a particular purpose or yarn than others – and it is nice not to have to make too many modifications!

  5. I’m a Lipton Soup girl when I’m sick too. It’s the only time it tastes good. lol I’ve tried it when I was feeling fine and it’s just wrong. Oh and the rice pudding, because my grandmother would always make a rice pudding and bring it to me.
    I love that you use the same nail polish color your grandmother loved. Made me smile, and miss both my grandmothers today.

  6. Did you do your nails yourself?! I can’t even paint my toenails without a huge gobby mess. I always have to go around the edges with a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover, and even then they’re not very neat. Doing my fingernails is completely out of the question.

    I love that bolero. It would be perfect on you.

  7. Oh, ouch. I have an appointment for my first crown ever at the beginning of May, and I can’t say as I’m looking forward to it…

    Love your manicure, though. Yes, sometimes silly little things make us feel better. It’s best to roll with that. For me, it used to be buying a new skein of sock yarn after a tough week. Which explains my stash.

  8. Yuck (on the dentist, not the lipton)! I’m glad you’re feeling better. Love the nails.

    So, reading your blog (along with the prospect of hand-sewing the hems on some sheets I have knitted inserts for) has inspired me to maybe buy a sewing machine. I have a couple of the little as seen on tv jobs and I have determined, after reading online reviews, that it might not be my incompetence, but the machines, that are causing me not to be able to sew. What kind of machine do you use, or, if it’s a hand me down you can’t buy anymore, do you have any suggestions for a novice? Thanks!

  9. 1. I also hate Jello.
    2. I thought I was about the only person in the world who drank vodka gimlets.
    3. You’ve inspired me to do a Cherries in the Snow pedicure today!

  10. Glad you’re feeling a bit better. When I am sick I love popcicles and pjs always make me feel better. I just love your manicure. How fun is that!

  11. When I was recovering from my dental surgery I ate something I never do – a large chocolate shake from McDonald’s! So I understand eating things you wouldn’t normally eat. Whatever gets you through!

    I used to work at Walgreen’s when I was 17-19 as the “assistant cosmetician” (yes, they actually call those people that work in the cosmetic dept. cosmeticians) – I used to help order the cosmetics and do displays (I won an award for one from Revlon!) So I remember Cherries in the Snow – it was a very popular color! It was fun for me to show my nail polishes to my grandma as she knew the colors!

  12. Congrats on getting through the dentist appointment, that’s never fun but such a relief when another appointment is done.

    Re. skinny yarn: I assume you’ll be looking for something like sock yarn weight? You have such very nice yarns in the US/Canada region. Have you considered Shibui? I think they do variegated and solid colours. I would love to try Madelinetosh one day, but you just can’t get that here in the UK. Sundara yarn is another one that I’d love to try. I really envy you! Have fun picking some gorgeous fibres!

    Love the ads (I love Mad Men too, so wonderfully politically incorrect!) – I wish you would feature a few more on your blog! That’d be very cool.

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