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Distraction required

First of all, thanks for all the wonderful responses to my last post – it was so interesting to read how you all deal with mistakes!  I really think that dealing with mistakes is something you have to learn.  You may know that I teach piano for a living, and often a large part of my job is teaching how to deal with mistakes.  For almost every child there will be a point in the first few months when they reach their first wall – the thing they find hard to do.  Many of them are horrified at the thought of making mistakes, and we work hard on how to practice effectively.  Mostly I try to impart that mistakes are normal and fine – a part of learning.  It always surprises me how many of them are really afraid to fail (at first.)  Oddly, teaching them how to deal with mistakes has helped me to become more patient with myself!

The blue dress is very nearly finished – I still need to sew the buttonholes and the hem.  I hope to wear it for Easter.  I found a new technique for narrow hemming, which I practiced and quite like.  You serge the edge of the hem without cutting (I use a 3 thread setup.)  Then you fold up the hem on the serging line, which is very easy to do, fold over again to enclose the stitching, and sew your hem.  It’s very easy, and saves most of the finger burning I always get from ironing hems.

However, I very much doubt the dress is finished before this weekend.  Early tomorrow morning I have a dentist appointment which I am not at all looking forward to.  I’ve talked about my dental troubles before – I have this disorder, which causes abnormally thin and weak enamel (although no, my teeth do not look like that photo)- my family is from Sweden, where the incidence of the disorder is 1 in 700, so it is much more common than in the US.  My Mom also has this.  I seem to be constantly at the dentist having terrible things done – all my front teeth are capped now, and we are beginning on the back teeth.  Tomorrow I need root canals, and yes I do mean multiple ones.  Dental insurance does not cover this, since in their opinion it would be cheaper for me to get dentures (never mind that I won’t need them with this care, and that with my career dentures are not an option.)  I try not to think about how much I have spent, and how much I will spend on my teeth.  I am being sedated, which I have never had before, so hopefully everything will go smoothly!

Anyway, I was planning to buy myself some shoes as a reward for going through with things, but I’m having an awfully hard time finding shoes I actually like this year.  I’m pretty picky about shoes – I stand up a lot, and in the summertime we walk nearly everywhere.  But I don’t like ugly shoes, and I don’t particularly like clunky shoes.  Luckily, I do like retro styles, as those styles are often more foot friendly.

I’m considering these styles, for a low heeled sandal:

1. Clarks Carrie May  2. Sofft Andrea

I generally have great luck with these brands.  Sofft makes great comfortable, vintage inspired heels, but I haven’t had their sandals before.  Clarks have a lot more nice styles than they used to.  I’d like to order from Zappos, because my best friend works there, and I can use the friends/family discount.

I’m also definitely getting these, in black, for a summer dress sandal:

Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic

I love t-straps  and mary janes right now.  The heel isn’t too high. I wear a heel nearly every day, and  the way I get away with that is by never wearing insane heels.

I’m about to head off to Macys to try on the ones they have in stock… I have to go to the drugstore anyway, where I will be buying some nailpolish – the other thing, besides shoes, that I buy when I’m worried.  I suppose there could be worse habits.

21 thoughts on “Distraction required

  1. good luck with your dental work! i just bought a pair of clark shoes from zappos yesterday. i got a pair of flat gladiator sandals. i felt like i was buying an old lady brand so i feel better knowing that someone else in my general age group also purchases them (plus i think they have gotten more stylish)

    1. I know what you mean, but they really are better than they used to be – lots of the “old lady” brands have cute styles now! I’m so glad, since I hate my feet hurting from shoes!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your dental troubles. I have a problem with eating candy and so I have tons of dental work. Bad bad. I’m sure everything will be fine. The shoes are fabulous! Love the minty green ones and since you are going to get those anyway, I vote for the Clark pair! I need to paint my toes too. Bright red I think! Happy Easter!

  3. I really like the analogy you’ve drawn between teaching piano and learning patience in your sewing. I write and edit children’s books for a living and, my goodness, the humility you have to learn in the face of your own failings. But you’re quite right – you learn best by making mistakes. It’s simply the best way. Just takes a while to accept that!

  4. I recently discovered Sofft shoes and I love them so much! I didn’t think it was possible to have beautiful shoes that are ALSO comfy. And I’m a fan of vintage styles. Here are the two pairs that I bought…

    I’ve been searching for the perfect t-strap sandals to replace my beloved ones that broke 4 years ago, and Serafino definitely is the one. I’m incredibly picky when it comes to shoes, but the 4 year wait was worth it. 😀

  5. Hope things go well at the dentist’s! Good for you to keep your teeth instead of getting dentures – it’s usually better to do that if the teeth are essentially sound.

    I’m with you re: non-clunky shoes. Both of the shoes you show are cute. You won’t go wrong with either so it’s a matter of your own preference. If you want covered heels, go with the Clark; if you want sling-back get the Soffit.

  6. I hope all goes well at the dentist.

    I hate uncomfortable shoes, I have huge feet, and I’m nearly six feet tall. Shoe shopping is akin to a trip to the dentist without anesthesia for me.

  7. This will sound silly, but I actually treasure my mistakes because looking at them gives me a sense of progress and accomplishment. Not the egregious ones that turn something into a fug, but the ones that were part of the learning process.

    I’d go with Sofft or Clarks shoes — I find them very comfy, which is a huge consideration for me in a shoe, regardless of heel height. And they’re pretty.

  8. i have the same enamel problem with my teeth. 3 of my front teeth have complete crowns, one still needs doing and then we need to start on the back teeth. i feel your pain – both in your mouth and to your wallet.

  9. Ooh, thanks for the shoe ideas! I’ve been looking for some cute low-heeled sandals. Hope the dentist goes well (or as well as something like that can go).

  10. If you’re at all interested in a sandal that’s more sporty/durable, rather than a fashion shoe, I recommend chacos. They’re originally made for lots of walking and hiking, with a rubber sole that lasts pretty much forever and really conforms to your foot, and many come with lots of securing straps. I have these- . They may not be your style at all, but they’re the best you’ll find for walking. Also I swear I’m not some sort of salesperson, chacos are merely the shoe of choice in the small, liberal arts college world. Good luck with your dental appointment!

  11. Best wishes for tomorrow. I hope you have a speedy recovery and are back to your keyboard and sewing machine soon. In the meantime, you have those lovely sandals to dream about!

  12. Best of luck with the dental procedures – I feel your pain. Insurance only seems to cover short-term options and not the best thing for you from a health and quality of life perspective. I had to have three implants because I had three baby teeth that never fell out then started giving me issues in my late 20s. I also had to have gum and bone grafts in those areas, but now everything is taken care of and working/looking great.

  13. I love the mint green shoes, wish I could get away with ankle straps but they just seem to make my feet and the rest of me look huge. But they look so pretty!

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