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Summer Vogues

I love Vogue patterns.  They seem to fit me much better than any other brand that I’ve tried, though I confess I haven’t made any McCalls or Butterick patterns yet.  Fit For Real People claims that they are similar, and that simplicity is different through the shoulders and armholes, something I can attest to – I have to adjust that part of Simplicities.  In Vogue I am finding that I am usually a 10 on the bottom and an 8 on the top.  I appreciate the consistency, as it seems that it’s impossible to know sometimes what size I might make.   So a day with new patterns is exciting for me!  Here are my picks:

1174 is a strapless dress by Cynthia Steffe.  I love this!  I have avoided strapless like the plague my whole life, fearing a major wardrobe malfunction.  But – if I’m making it for myself, I can actually adjust the bodice to be small enough for my ribcage – yay!  I love the print too… I am crazy for roses on fabric.

1182 is the first of two designs by Kay Unger, who is new to Vogue.  This is such a classic and flattering style.  I love the version in red shantung – I have a lovely green shantung that I have been looking for a pattern for, and this is a contender!

1183 is the second Kay Unger design.  It’s rated easy, and I can see this being a popular style.

1176 is a Michael Kors design – I love his designs (and love him as a judge on Project Runway!)  This dress is beautiful – love the bow, the shape, and the polka dots – a definate “do” for me!

Finally there are two new Vintage Vogues.  1172 is my pick – a classic full skirted number from the 50s.  I am so appreciate of Vogue for re-releasing these patterns, while some of the other companies seem to have stopped.  This dress is lovely and classic.  The other vintage Vogue is 1171.

I don’t think the collar is for me – it would be overwhelming.  But it’s lovely as well, and a pretty good pick (though I sometimes wish the vintage issues were more adventurous, I understand that they go for wide appeal.)

There are, as usual, a fair number of “what were they thinking” patterns as well, including an epic satin caftan and a terrible jumpsuit that looks like something Clarissa would have worn while explaining it all.  I also don’t care for the two Anna Sui dresses – I feel as though all her designs are very similar, with lots of lace and frills and not enough length for my taste.  The Very Easy Vogue dresses this time are a little boring, but they do look like good basics.  And there are a few tops that I can’t tell about – I hate the drawings they use for their top models, which appear incredibly broad shouldered.

6 thoughts on “Summer Vogues

  1. Well, the 80s did come back in fashion recently…perhaps the ’90s are next? We can all go dig our floppy hats with flowers pinned on them out of the closet…

    Love the vintage Vogues! I haven’t worked up to sewing dresses yet, but I’m seriously loving the second one.

  2. Wow, you certainly have progressed in your sewing skills. I am so jealous. You just know how to dive into a skill and really take it all in. Your projects have been absolutely beautiful! Thanks for constantly inspiring me!

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