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Still watching for spring

Spring is still coming on slowly here, though today it is pretty rainy and awful.  I’m trying to get my wardrobe planning for warm weather completed, but I keep finding more holes to fill!

For instance, I don’t have a spring coat.  I’d like a nice 3/4 length coat with a retro collar, like Mccall’s 5525 (below.)  I’d make mine with full length sleeves (an option on the other views.)  I don’t understand shorter sleeves on a coat!  I’m thinking of a floral print, which seems to be a trend in spring coats right now.

I’ve also been searching, without success, for a spring purse.  I feel like purses and shoes (especially shoes!) are going through a major ugly period right now, and I can’t find anything that I like.  I’ve decided, in a fit of overconfidence, to make my own.  I like the Sophia Carryall by Amy Butler.

I’m not decided on a print yet, but I love the shape – so much nicer than the slouchy bags that seem to be prevalent in my price range!  I’m not sure if I’m crazy to make this or not, considering I haven’t made anything similar.  The reviews are pretty good, and the instructions are supposed to be good!

Finally, I’ve developed an obsession with full-skirted sundresses.  I have no fewer than 4 of them on my “to sew” list for sometime this year.

These patterns are both Vintage Vogue reissues, to made out of the pretty sateen I just got from FabricMart and this great brushed cotton with roses.  I have some afternoon summer weddings to attend, and I think either of these dresses would be lovely.

I’d like a fun 50s style halter, though I am not sold on the print (to be clear – I really love the print, and I will certainly use it for something else, but I may want more of a tropical fabric for the halter.

The project on the right above (Vogue 8577) is my current WIP.  The fabric is a linen-look 100% cotton in a gorgeous royal blue.  I’m making the view above, which is shorter than the other 2 and has no sleeves or collar.  I made a muslin of the bodice last night, and decided to go down to a size 8 for the top, and a 10 for the skirt.  The dress is supposed to be fully lined (and the fabric needs a lining) but I can’t decide what to use for lining.  I usually go with Bemberg rayon, so I could do that.  I also like cotton batiste, but I think it would bunch up with the cotton fabric and not hang well – so bemberg it is!

I’m glad today is the last of my workweek – here’s hoping for actual sewing time this weekend (and I hope to hit some estate and yard sales!)

7 thoughts on “Still watching for spring

  1. Yay for full skirts! I have been wishing for some swishy, full skirts to wear this spring.

    And good call with the long sleeves on the coat. I have a trench coat with 3/4 sleeves, and while I love the coat, I will need to knit some lightweight opera-length gloves to go with it, because I only wear the coat when the weather is poor (and don’t want bare forearms).

  2. I so agree with you about the shoes and bags going through a major ugly period. All of the hardware on the bags, and the cage heels, turn me off. Structured bags and ladylike pumps are more my thing, but there doesn’t seem to be much available this spring. The bag pattern you’ve chosen is very pretty and Grace Kelly like, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    The rose pattern is going to make a lovely sundress. I can see it with a bead necklace and kitten heel shoes.

  3. I love the look of the coat but with longer sleeves, it will go well with the dress material you have chossen for the white and red sundress. I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like. Happy stichWitching.

  4. I don’t know if you’ve started your lining yet, but I wanted to say that a cotton batiste may be perfect.

    I have a dress from jcrew with a 50’s silhouette; sleeveless, fitted bodice, full skirt. It’s made of a light cotton, and lined in cotton batiste, and the two materials actually cling to each other in a really perfect way. It makes the skirt a little fuller and the two skirts really move as one. And it feels so nice when it’s hot.

    I have a yellow & white plaid and a white batiste waiting to be cut into this dress… I hope the cotton on cotton does work as I’ve described! I really can’t wait to see your finished dress, it looks lovely so far.

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