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Trendwatch Tuesday: Tulip skirts

(note: not necessarily a new blog feature, I just love me some alliteration!)

I’ve mentioned before here that I’m slowly going through my late Grandma’s belongings.   She was of the generation that saved everything, so there is quite a bit of accumulation.  I had not realized, however, that she was also saving my old things.  This weekend I opened a hidden closet to find a time capsule of my high school fashions – clothes that I had assumed were long since given away or turned to dust rags.   I didn’t exactly have what you would call great 90s style – I loved long skirts, ditsy floral dresses, and a large accumulations of suits that can only be termed “80s power woman.”   At one point my Mom told me “Jessica, what you have to do is set your own trends… don’t be a follower!”  I took that advice to heart, and have spent a great deal of my life wearing whatever the heck I want, with little consideration of whether it is in style or not.  Perhaps I was not so much a trendsetter, but I will tell you that I’m glad  that I escaped the 80s and 90s with almost a total lack of flannel skirts, neon, or giant Blossom inspired hats.  Except for one thing… the bubble dress I found in the back of the closet.  I think I wore it to a homecoming dance in 1994?  It was not in style at the time, and maybe I thought I was setting a trend or what have you (note: I was kind of a dork.)  When bubble skirts came back a few years ago I laughed myself silly – who wants a skirt that looks like some sort of curtain valance?  Well, apparently I did.

Now?  Not so much.  I don’t see the bubble skirt entering my wardrobe, but there is another vaguely bubble-like skirt that I’m itching to try… the tulip skirt!

It’s a more classic style I think.  I’m planning to make the skirt on the right from Simplicity 2413.  I have this pale peachy-pink light wool crepe that I bought online, apparently forgetting that peach near my face causes me to look like some sort of jaundiced vampire.   But it’s lovely (the same crepe I made the Rooibos dress out of) and I am so ready to use it.  I can’t explain my obsession with this color – perhaps it was the peach suit that my Mom wore in the 80s, which I thought was so classy and awesome.  Or maybe it was my #1 Barbie of all time, Peaches and Cream Barbie!

I have to say, I still think her dress is all kinds of awesome!  And she had a stole… so romantic, and so impractical in real life!

Anyway, I think the skirt will look nice in the crepe – and I think I can get away with wearing the color on my lower half!  I’m planning to quickline the skirt using the tutorial here.  I bought some bemberg lining today for that purpose.  I have a nasty sinus infection right now (I get them like clockwork whenever the weather starts to change) so hopefully I feel up to doing some sewing in the next day or two – I usually go out for pub quiz Tuesday nights, but I may be skipping it this week in order to rest up!

Feeling sorry for myself over being sick, I bought this fabric from FabricMart – a cotton sateen that is so me I don’t know where to start.

I’m thinking of using a late 50s  early 1960s sundress pattern for this – how lovely will it be with all the bubbles rising from the hem!  Now I just have to decide which pattern – a full skirt for certain.  Perhaps I will go vintage pattern shopping again, though that is dangerous for me!

Hope you are all having a lovely week – thanks for all the comments on the Kate jeans – I just love them, and I encourage anyone interested to try a pair of their own!

16 thoughts on “Trendwatch Tuesday: Tulip skirts

  1. She was my first ever Barbie! Her stole had snaps on it so you could style it in all kinds of different ways!

  2. haha, I just saw that barbie on another blog, and it was my favourite one was I was little- because I loved her awesome dress! The tulip skirt you are planning to do is going to be awesome- I love the tulip silhouette.

  3. Aww, she was my favorite Barbie too. I think she summed up everything most little girls want. Such a pretty frothy dress. 🙂
    I can’t wait to see your skirt. I don’t sew…. yet… but, I am having a blast reading about all your adventures in sewing!!!

  4. I just picked up that pattern after seeing a similar skirt made on Project Runway last year. I think they call it a “paper-bag waist” skirt. Anyway, I’m excited to see someone make it up. Oh, and I loved that bubble print you picked out so much, I just ordered some for myself! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Your post brought back lots of happy memories of 80s fashions (though of course I wouldn’t wear most of them today, despite the revival). I have a few Laura Ashley dresses I’ve saved, and special dresses for prom and graduation, I cannot bear to give up.

    Your new bubble fabric looks very Betty Draper! How about a sundress with straps that tie behind the neck? And a cardigan sweater over the shoulders?

  6. I, too, must express my love for Peaches and Cream Barbie! She, Jewel Secrets Teresa (with her fabulous sparkly blue tube dress) and Jewel Secrets Skipper (whose hair was 5 or 6 ringlets) were my Barbie dream team.

  7. That was my sister’s very first barbie! We rarely had the same ones, you know, since we played together and that would be weird. I must say, she didn’t look quite that stylin’ for long. We were little. And my sister was VERY rough with her Barbies.

    I just LOVE that fabric. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  8. Hi! Just started reading your blog and the mention of Fabric Mart caught my attention. Are you in Pennsylvania? There are probably scads of Fabric Marts around the country, but we have one here in Sinking Spring.
    I really love those blue pants you made paired with the green shirt. I remember the days when I said I wouldn’t be caught dead in high-waisted pants, but you have me rethinking my position!

  9. That fabric is to die for, absolutely gorgeous, I have serious fabric envy here, although I can’t imagine what I would do with it, apart from stroke it and maybe start to talk to it, take it places and eventually end up being committed for being a total loon.

  10. That last fabric is sensational – I could totally see myself in a dress made from it (although my coloring is completely different from yours).

  11. That was also my first Barbie – and my only one. I saved it in a box but when I packed her up last year to fresh her up and give to my daughter – the doll lost her head. :o( But I have kept the dress and the stole. It does not fit the Barbie-dolls of today but I did not want to throw it all away. ;o)

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