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Last night I cut the pattern and muslin for Vogue 8604.  I decided to cut a straight size 10, which seems to be the size I use most often in Vogue, and make adjustments from there.  Sewing the muslin was an adventure, as I’ve never before sewn a pair of pants.  Let’s just say that at one point I constructed one very large pant leg.  But I got that worked out, sewed an ugly spare zipper in, and went downstairs to try them on.

Sorry for the awful photos, but it’s dark outside and I still have cleaning products everywhere!  Wow, the floor there is even more worn than I realized…  Anyway, I am so thrilled with the fit of these – perhaps there is something to the idea that low-rise pants aren’t a good look for me?  These are really, really high, but I love them – it’s exactly the retro look I was going for!

It helps to picture them not in white, but hey – if I think they look good in white, they’ll look great in a darker color!  One of my legs is longer than the other by an inch or so, I found when having my measurements taken.  This explains why I am literally the least athletic person in the world, and that’s also why I always have one pant leg that is the right length, and one that is too long or short.  Here you can see that effect.  You know what’s great?  I can hem these to even that out!  Ok, technically I could hem any of my pants, but what’s the fun of that?

The side view is very slimming:

The wrinkling at the waist is caused by this fabric – I did not interface it.  I will use a nice sturdy interfacing for the actual pants.  I will spare you the rear view – this fabric is sheer, and the internet does not need to see that much of me!  You can see that I have literally no rear end, and amazingly it looks fine from the back.   I was expecting them to look deflated the way most of my pants do.  The crotch on these is a bit lower than most pants, which is pretty normal for this style, and it doesn’t look strange like I expected.  I am really pleased with the pattern so far – it looks just like the drawing, and the “very easy very Vogue” instructions were indeed very easy and great!  I think I’m becoming a pretty big fan of Vogue patterns – all the ones I’ve tried have been just great, which is more than I can say for some others.

Now I just have to get my interfacing, figure out what I’m using for pockets, and get started – wish me luck that I don’t have some sort of awful pants disaster!

25 thoughts on “Pants!

  1. They look gorgeous already, even in this fabric. I love high waisted trousers, so much more elegant than low cut trousers I think. I look forward to seeing your final version!

  2. Those are some gorgeous pants!! They look amazing on you. I am so jealous of this style — I love it, but it doesn’t look good no me.

  3. Those look great!

    I know it won’t be in the finished product, but on the side views I rather like the wrinkling at the waist.

  4. They look great! Pants are so difficult to master. I’ve made a couple pairs and they’ve just never looked that great, but you’ve given me inspiration to give it another go! Love the pattern choice! They look fabulous on you! Can’t wait to see them all sewn up.

  5. They look great on you – a vintage film star look! i always say if they look good in calico, they’ll look good in anything!

    I have seen a lightweight boning used in high waisted garments before in the upper side seam/front darts, something to keep in mind if the interfacing still creases.

  6. Those pants look amazing! It’s hard to believe it’s just a muslin mockup. Can’t wait to see them in the “jean” like material. I am curious to see if the interfacing really does address the wrinkling at the waist though.

  7. Your choices are always so interesting… I can’t wait to see you in the finished project:). Like you, I also have the long waist/short leg thing going on, but I love the low-rise style and like to wear tunics. I am currently fantasizing about sewing some smock tops, but for now it will have to wait; so I shall sew vicariously. I Really wonder if your back hurts due to the leg length discrepancy?

  8. Very nice! Great classic retro look – and the fit is fantastic! Personally – I can’t do the high waist. By behind ends up looking about a mile long ( in height!).

  9. Gorgeous, I love them. I love the wide straight legs and the high waist looks very good on you. Very Hepburn.

  10. Absolutely beautiful! What a stunning outfit, it looks perfect on you. I would be inspired to do the pants for myself except for 1. I’m overweight
    2. I’m to old for wearing retro, I am retro, lol.
    You were it well.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! What a stunning outfit, it looks perfect on you. I would be inspired to do the pants for myself except for 1. I’m overweight
    2. I’m to old for wearing retro, I am retro, lol.
    You wear it well.

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