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Last night I cut the pattern and muslin for Vogue 8604.  I decided to cut a straight size 10, which seems to be the size I use most often in Vogue, and make adjustments from there.  Sewing the muslin was an adventure, as I’ve never before sewn a pair of pants.  Let’s just say that at one point I constructed one very large pant leg.  But I got that worked out, sewed an ugly spare zipper in, and went downstairs to try them on.

Sorry for the awful photos, but it’s dark outside and I still have cleaning products everywhere!  Wow, the floor there is even more worn than I realized…  Anyway, I am so thrilled with the fit of these – perhaps there is something to the idea that low-rise pants aren’t a good look for me?  These are really, really high, but I love them – it’s exactly the retro look I was going for!

It helps to picture them not in white, but hey – if I think they look good in white, they’ll look great in a darker color!  One of my legs is longer than the other by an inch or so, I found when having my measurements taken.  This explains why I am literally the least athletic person in the world, and that’s also why I always have one pant leg that is the right length, and one that is too long or short.  Here you can see that effect.  You know what’s great?  I can hem these to even that out!  Ok, technically I could hem any of my pants, but what’s the fun of that?

The side view is very slimming:

The wrinkling at the waist is caused by this fabric – I did not interface it.  I will use a nice sturdy interfacing for the actual pants.  I will spare you the rear view – this fabric is sheer, and the internet does not need to see that much of me!  You can see that I have literally no rear end, and amazingly it looks fine from the back.   I was expecting them to look deflated the way most of my pants do.  The crotch on these is a bit lower than most pants, which is pretty normal for this style, and it doesn’t look strange like I expected.  I am really pleased with the pattern so far – it looks just like the drawing, and the “very easy very Vogue” instructions were indeed very easy and great!  I think I’m becoming a pretty big fan of Vogue patterns – all the ones I’ve tried have been just great, which is more than I can say for some others.

Now I just have to get my interfacing, figure out what I’m using for pockets, and get started – wish me luck that I don’t have some sort of awful pants disaster!