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Plugging the holes in my wardrobe

Well, I suppose there’s one thing to say for having to wash every single thing that you own… it becomes quickly apparent where the holes in your wardrobe are.  I mentioned before needing dresses, and that is true… but even more than that I desperately need some pants.  Being rather short legged and high waisted, I have a hard time finding pants that fit me.  Like, I don’t even want to count the number of shopping trips that have ended in tears and a pair that was “good enough.”  Most of my pants are too big and too long.  Sewing has made me realize that I do not, in fact, have to put up with lousy fitting clothes.  And so… I’m planning to attempt some (easy) pants.  I chose this pattern, Vogue 8604:

They’re made up in the new Vogue Patterns magazine, and they are super cute!  I have a theory that I should try the high waisted pants.  When low waists came into vogue, I had to be dragged kicking and screaming in that direction… and truth be told, I am tired of trying to find shirts that will cover my long torso with low pants… the proportions are off somehow.  I bought this very lightweight denim fabric (it almost has a chambray feeling) to make them out of… in real life it is much darker.

They won’t be jeans exactly- this fabric, as I said, is very drapey and light.  Maybe kind of like trouser jeans, but this is nothing like the kind of denim that frightens me.  This is one of the fabrics recommended on the envelope (and has anyone noticed how Vogue is very specific in their recommendations, while other companies like Simplicity seem to just list every one they can think of?)

I will make a muslin, and I hope to get started on that today!

I’m also planning to make a pair of shorts (yes, shorts!)  Look, I don’t wear shorts.  I am not a sporty person, and I have skinny legs.  But… sometimes you need shorts, and I don’t own a single pair.  I’m going to use Simplicity 2654 (another “easy” pattern.)

I like the cute shaped waistband, and again they have a higher waist (I did try some high waists on in the store, and the result was positive!  I like how they lengthen my legs.)

I’m going to make them in navy, and add buttons for a cute sailor style effect.

So… wish me luck!  Pants do scare me a bit, but I’m certain there is nothing here I won’t be able to figure out… these patterns are not complicated, and I am good at working my way through problems.

More later on the rest of my spring wardrobe plans… I am so excited about warmer weather!