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FO: Vogue 1132

Pattern: Vogue 1132

Fabric: Plaid rayon/poly suiting from Denver Fabrics, still available here.

Notions: 22″ black invisible zipper (cut down to a shorter length,) nonwoven sew-in interfacing in a very light weight.

Notes: This pattern was super easy – with almost no effort the skirt made itself!  I did have a few problems starting out.  First of all, my fabric was not 60″ wide, although it wasn’t the 44 Denver fabrics is claiming either – it was actually about 54″.  The skirt pattern used almost the whole 60″, so I had to shorten it.  I did this by taking a fold where you attach the skirt extension, removing about 3 inches.  As it turns out, this skirt is pretty long, so I would have had to shorten it anyway.

This was my first time installing an invisible zipper, and it was much easier than I thought!  I watched a few videos on youtube, basted in the zip, and then went for it with my invisible zipper foot.  The Bernina zipper foot is great – it rides along the zipper track and sews a perfectly close line.  I switched to the regular zipper foot to close off the bottom, and the zipper is invisible, with no rippling.

I love long skirts – they’re dramatic, and in the winter they’re warm (I will wear a sweater over this when I’m outside!)  I had trouble figuring out how to style this.  One of my blog readers suggested a victorian style shirt – thank you so much, that’s perfect!  I have several shirts similar to this, as apparently I love frilly, faintly gothic things.  I have a long sleeved version, but it’s in the wash right now.  The belt I bought at Forever 21  (I really hate going in that store, but their belts are dirt cheap and small enough for me.)

At some point I would like to make the whole skirt suit out of a different fabric – the jacket is really cute too!  But for now this will fill the “long plaid skirt” place in my closet.  Highly recommended for beginners (just the skirt.)

19 thoughts on “FO: Vogue 1132

  1. You are extremely talented and have excellent taste! The skirt is so very neat and stylish….I like the blue wall too ……brings out the blue in skirt so well!

  2. It turned out really cute, and I love the styling with the blouse. I would’ve worn it with a black turtleneck … but I think your look is much cuter and more creative! I am so impressed with your sewing. You’re a wonderful knitter and a wonderful sewer … I am so impressed!

    PS. I haven’t had any luck finding the Lotta Body setting lotion at the Sally across the street from my house – I think it’s my neighborhood, more relaxers than hair setters, ha! – so I’ve ordered it online. I can’t wait to try it out!

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