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Spring knitting 2010

Ok, that’s it… I am done with winter.  With snow on the ground, and more coming soon, I just don’t want to look at tweedy yarn or wooly fabric.  My wooly WIP?  Going into the basket until late summer.  I’m not working on it anyway, due to its mind-numbing boring-ness.   It’s time to look toward spring, and I’m going to give myself permission to start work on some lovely warm weather projects!  With that in mind, I went looking for the new spring knitting patterns, most of which are out or at least previewed by now.

First is the new Knitscene, which is in stores.  How am I not going to love it when Connie is the featured designer?  She has designed my most favorite sweater projects.  I love her henley (first below) which has some great details and looks like waffle stitch (love me some waffle stitch) and the geodesic cardigan, which besides having a cool name rings one of my current bells – laceweight yarn knit at a loose gauge.  There are also some really beautiful shawls in this issue, including one knit in worsted weight (I wear my worsted weight lace shawls constantly… they are both warm and classy!)

The preview for the new Interweave Knits is out as well.  I have to tell you, I am not feeling it.  I like a few pieces, and I will buy the magazine because I am a collector, but with the exception of Connie’s tank (do I sound like a broken record here?) I am not sure there is anything I would make.  OK, unvarnished truth time here… I really hate the loose knitted camisoles over long sleeved shirts.  It’s just odd, and I don’t know anyone who dresses like that.  Now, I’m sure the camisoles may be nice on their own, but the styling is just weird.  I don’t really knit camisoles anyway (in my experience, if it’s hot enough for something strappy, I don’t want a sweater) but I can’t be the only one who just hates this look.

Ok so… enough whining about that.  I also took a look at Rowan’s offerings this season.  First of all, I’m really excited that they are doing a dedicated crochet book.

The designs are nice too, although some of them are a bit too oversized for my taste.  Love the white off the shoulder top above!

Rowan Magazine 47 is not bad for a summer issue.  I’m not sure I will pick it up, because it’s a little blah, but I’ve noticed that they tend to struggle with warm weather items.  I don’t subscribe anymore for that reason, and I usually only buy the winter issues.  They also have a new yarn made from recycled clothing, and a really great dedicated pattern booklet to go along with that.

I can’t tell much about the clothes from the photos, as the model has terminal slouch.  And maybe it’s the whole “British country” look that I love again, but at any rate isn’t the purple color pretty?  I really want to check out this yarn!

And finally, while not exactly new, I’ve finally broken down and bought a copy of A Stitch in Time by Jane Waller.

I’ve wanted it since its release, but I kept waiting for a US edition.  No such luck, but with my recent rediscovery of vintage (well, I didn’t forget about it, it’s just that I started caring more about dressing that way I wanted) I had to have it.   If you love vintage, you need this book!  The styling is gorgeous, and the patterns are just as they should be – faithful to the original styles, with updated terminology.  There’s nothing more than I hate “updating” a vintage pattern – sure, expand the size range, but don’t change the things that made it so great in the first place (adding large amounts of ease is the biggest offense here.)  In addition to the cover sweater, which is glorious, these are my favorites:

It was hard to pick favorites – I love most of the book!  Most of the sweaters are knit in fingering or sport yarn, with a few gauges that are crazy tiny.  And remember, once of my New Year’s resolutions was to knit more in small yarn.  Many of these would make great spring sweaters, as lots of short sleeved numbers are included.  I do have lots of vintage knitting patterns, but these are easier to deal with, and I’ll get to some of those eventually!

If I keep wishing, warmer weather will come, right?