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Still winter? Just checking…

More snow… ugh.  I am so over winter now.  But soon it will be March – and at some point the weather will have to warm up!

For Valentine’s day Marc and I went to our local Skyline Chili, where they were having a 3 course V-day dinner.   I’m not a huge fan of the holiday, so we like to do something silly!  If you’ve never had Cincinnati chili, you really should try it.  The key is to think of it more like spaghetti and less like chili, as I don’t really consider it chili if it’s served on a plate of spaghetti, contains cinnamon  and chocolate, and is topped with american cheese.  Marc, being from Cincinnati, is of course obsessed with the stuff, and I have cultivated a certain fondness for it as well!

And this afternoon we drove north into Indiana to pick up my new serger!

It’s the Brother 1034d, a pretty basic model, but it gets great reviews from beginning serger users on Patternreview.  It’s used, but looks in good shape.  I figure it’s a good place to start, and if I wind up using one all the time I can upgrade to a fancier model later.  I’m going to sit down with my copy of SEW U: Home Stretch this week and see if I can figure it out… and I figure that I will have time to work on things, what with the coming snow, and my city’s general lack of preparedness for bad weather.

I’ve spent this weekend cleaning out my closet, which is always fun… I think sewing is making me pickier about the fit of my clothes, and I was finally able to let go of some things I just don’t feel good in.  I also found plenty of items I had forgotten I owned.  For instance… I was gifted this vintage faux fur coat this winter by my Mom.  I think it’s from the 40s.   It isn’t exactly convincing fur from up close, which is fine by me.  It has a nice lining and a label from a defunct local department store.   I feel a little silly in it, but it’s staying in the wardrobe – you never know when you will be invited to a formal event in a blizzard!

And finally… I finished my skirt!

No FO post yet… I have yet to decide how I’m going to wear it.  It may require some shopping, so it will have to wait until after the snow – thank you for all the suggestions, they really helped me decide how to style a maxi skirt – a style I haven’t worn in years, since they have been out of style so long (but they are back this year!)   I highly recommend the pattern – it went together with no problem, and the instructions were really excellent.  I did wear it out to play piano for a mass this morning, and it was nice and warm in the cold weather!

And that reminds me of one more thing I’m excited about… fish fry season!  Don’t ask me why, but there’s nothing I love more than a catholic fish fry… and living in a heavily Catholic area, we usually hit a different one every week during lent.  I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend!

10 thoughts on “Still winter? Just checking…

  1. I’m glad you were able to pick up your serger, despite the weather. The skirt looks fab, and I am looking forward to pictures. My mother did a similar skirt recently in green and I knit her a lacy cowl necked sweater in a buttery yellow to go with it. Can’t wait to see what you decide to pair with yours.

  2. Gotta love the fish fries! I love them, because either my family or my husband’s family get together for at least one during the season.

  3. For the maxi skirt, try pairing it with a very fitted, high-necked short-sleeved blouse, maybe one in an almost Victorian style, a goth wide belt and some very tough boots, and large thick bracelets. Woo hoo!

  4. Yes – keep the coat – I think it really suits you!
    I have a Brother serger from 1980’s, and it is still going strong! I also like that I never had to fiddle with the tension dials very much – it seemed to overlock most things well. Apart from when my son went through his turn-the-dials-as-far-as-they-will-go phase!

  5. I’m so jealous of the serger! I’m trying to convience my mom that I need one and she needs a new one so I can have her old one. So far, it’s a no go. 😦

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