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Spring simplicity patterns

It’s too early for Spring knit patterns, but the spring sewing patterns are coming out!  Despite the fact that I’m new to sewing, so all the patterns are new to me, I do love new releases.  Joanns and Hancocks have regular sales where Butterick, McCalls and Simplicity go to 99 cents, and Vogues are 3.99,  and I cannot resist.  Tonight I went to Joanns (ostensibly to buy Guttermann thread at 50% off, but you know… might as well peruse the new collections!)  I got these Simplicity patterns from the new catalog for 99 cents each.

I really like Cynthia Rowley’s patterns for Simplicity.   This dress is cute, but I really love it with the jacket – I can picture it dressed up several ways!  I’ve made a muslin of one of the Project Runway patterns and liked the process (though the style was not for me, I like the full skirt on this one) and I like all the pieces in the Threads wardrobe (which also includes a cute top.)

I also got these patterns, which aren’t new (no, I don’t have a problem…)

I like the shaped waistband on the first pattern.  The 2nd pattern is cute, and I want to try out a bubble skirt, though I may or may not like it on myself.  It may depend on what you wear with it (certainly not whatever the heck that model is wearing… her boots have elastic ankle bands!)  In the last pattern I like the top modeled version, which is kind of a Grecian look.  I want to use it to make my own version of this vintage dress, which was sold long ago (but I saved the photo in my inspiration file)

It’s not exactly the same, but close enough with a few alterations.  It all depends on finding a fabulous fabric, and someday I shall!  I like maxi dresses, but dislike thin straps, which many of them have (my shoulders are super bony, and besides they just aren’t me…) and they are often lowcut.  I don’t mind a little cleavage, but I hate anything that shows my sternum, thanks.

Speaking of my inspiration directory, I’m getting ready to make my version of this top (from Modcloth, it’s still available if anyone is interested.)

I bought a nice flannel from

and I’m using this Simplicity pattern, with a few alterations.

I’m making the short sleeves with the ties (I’m lengthening the ties, they are so short!)  I’m undecided on the peplum vs no peplum issue.  The inspiration actually has an empire waist, so I may get closer to the look I want by making sure the basic top is well fitted.  I’m making a muslin or 2, so I’ll have time to figure that out.  I’ve made some mock ups with set in sleeves before, but this will be my first actual garment with them (so they actually have to look decent!)  Knitting has taught me a bit about easing in fullness, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be employing my basting skills.

16 thoughts on “Spring simplicity patterns

  1. You have such a great sense of style, I love all those patterns. But where do you find the time to work on them all!!!!?? Can’t wait to see the finished products.

  2. Wow, you are inspired!
    Note about thread: Berninas need good quality thread used in them or they can get fuzz in the works, which can cause problems. I would avoid the cheap thread at Joann’s and spring for the good stuff (like Metzler silk finish) at a quilting store or sewing machine shop. That’s been my experience, anyway. Just a thought 🙂

  3. your blog is so inspiring! i have so many projects i want to do. its tough between work and nursing school and husband and such. hopefully this summer. i’m VERY new to sewing. Like working on just making a straight line, new. lol. but i’m overwhelmed with inspiration if that counts for anything

  4. Very Cute! I’m working on my first garments now. I had to get some sewing lessons from my mom this weekend. She’s a proffessional Seamstress but I never really learned how to sew. I made two skirts, cut out for a dress and a second skirt in two days. Let’s just say that pinking shears are not my friend. lol

  5. You have great taste! I really want the Threads pattern (LOVE the dress with the pleated neckline) but it’s not stocked in the UK yet – I’m keeping my eyes peeled though.. Can’t wait to see the finished objects!

  6. I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now, and I’m starting to think that I should just follow behind you and make everything that you make–I love it all! I used to sew all the time, and I may have to pick it up again.

  7. Hi there! I really enjoy your blog. I have been inspired to start knitting and sewing once again. I go to your blog each day and look forward to it so much. Thank you.

  8. I’ve been in a sewing frenzy, myself. I, too, just finished that gorgeous skirt from Collette’s patterns. I’m pleased by the shape in many ways, but it’s entirely too large. I’ve lost five pounds or so since I started the thing!

    I really like that Project Runway dress pattern. Thanks for the heads-up!

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