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FO: Beignet Skirt

Pattern: Beignet by Colette Patterns

Fabric: yellow cotton twill from

Notions: 10 7/8″ navy blue buttons by la mode, ivory bemberg rayon for lining, twill tape to reinforce waistband.

Notes: I love, love, love this skirt!  I made a size 2, after I made the muslin in a size 4 – the 4 matched my waist measurement, but was too big in the skirt.  I decided that a high waisted skirt should have a very fitted waist, and I’m pleased with that decision.  It fits just about perfectly.

I wear a 2 or 4 in ready to wear, so it’s pretty true to retail misses sizes.  This is the first time I have lined a skirt, and it was a challenge!  I bought bemberg rayon, because I like the feel and I hate polyester linings.  That stuff is crazy slippery.  Here’s what I did:  I spray starched the heck out of it, pinned my pattern pieces to it, cut in a single layer with a rotary cutter, and got pieces that were close enough.  I sewed it together with the walking foot, preventing layer shifting, and I basted it into the facings by hand before machine sewing.  It was a lot of work, but totally worth it – this sort of skirt, without a lining, would be useless with tights because it would ride up or get static.  No problems at all with the lining!

I did not have any problems at all with the instructions – they were clear and illustrated step by step.  I did not care for the belt loops after I made them – they were too short imo, and they were also flimsy and hard to sew on.  I made my own, copying the look of dress pants loops, and they look great (basically I topstitched 2 lines down the middle to hold them together, then sewed them on by hand.  I showed my buttonhole trick yesterday – see that post for my new tool there.  I reduced the buttons by 1 and spaced them 2 inches apart – my buttons were 7/8″ instead of 3/4″ so I wanted them slightly farther apart.

This skirt is totally do-able by a near beginner – someone who, like me, has a few garments done but is looking to add skills.  I learned so much on this project, and I can’t wait for the next Colette pattern I make – I adore the aesthetic!  The best part?  I can wear this skirt with a shirt that is otherwise too short to tuck in, thus extending my wardrobe!

49 thoughts on “FO: Beignet Skirt

  1. It’s stunning! I always have admired all your knits, now I will be doing the same with what you sew!

  2. What a great skirt. And a nice pattern review too! You could easily change out the belt for a black one or even a patterned silk tie for some color. Enjoy wearing it.

  3. It’s just beautiful!!
    When I was pregnant with my first child, I made a maternity dress for performing (I was still working on my DMA at the time). It was satin-backed crepe with a lining, in other words, slippery as all get out. I hand-basted every single seam before sewing and I still screwed up enough that just about everything got sewn, ripped, then sewn again. But once it was done, it was a very nice dress and worth the effort.

  4. When I saw that pattern, I said “No.” And that wild yellow fabric! But you did it. It’s very cute and very believable. I don’t think I could wear that and pull it off like you can. And that is really what fashion is about, right? You have to believe it to wear it.

    I want to know what Mark thinks! Does he dig the high-waisted thing? 🙂

  5. Wow! You’re well beyond a “near beginner”. To sew the skirt with several panels, belt loops and a rayon bemberg lining and have it look so great means you’re well on your way to being a bona fide seamstress.

    I’m totally with you re: lining skirts. The only ones that I don’t line are made of denim and heavier twill fabrics.

    Seeing your skirt reminds me that my daughter is waiting for me to make her one and that we picked out a rayon bemberg lining for that. Your approach to cutting and sewing the lining is the one I’m going to use.

  6. It looks amazing! Such nice details- the buttonholes, beltloops, linining, everything! I totally want to actually learn to sew now…

  7. You are so talented!!! Your knits are so awesome and now your sewing! I so glad to see someone with wavy hair that doesn’t feel pressured to make it “smooth”.

  8. So very, very smart looking! Have been admiring your knits for ages, inspiring me to try my first sweater, and now I am itching to try an A-line skirt as well and fashion sewing

  9. Looks great and fits perfectly! I love sewing because I can create something better than RTW, something that suits me uniquely, and I think you have done that for yourself with this project. Congratulations!

  10. I love the skirt! You did an amazing job. You inspired me to buy the Sew U book — I started reading through it this weekend.

  11. Hi! thanks to your post I recently discover Colette patterns 🙂 this skirt is lovely and I have already bought the pattern. I’m a bit intimidate by all those buttons. I’m not an expert, I consider myself a beginner, even if my grandmother was a milliner and my mother sew her own dresses, skirt, jacket etc. Anyway, thanks to made me curious again on sewing my own, I’m going to make Sorbetto, the Colette tank top 😉

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