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Something new every day

For the past week or so I’ve been working on a skirt – Beignet from Colette Patterns.

Can I just stop and say how much I adore high-waisted skirts?   I do!  When you’re short-waisted like me you can either see them as a blessing or a curse – after all, it’s nice to be in fashion, but all the same my waist is about 3 inches below my boobs, and that just isn’t right somehow.   High waist skirts can be very retro, and they certainly are flattering to many people.  I don’t know about high waist pants though… I am not sold on those yet.

Colette patterns is an independant company.  Unlike in the knitting world, there are relatively few small designers in sewing, and I’m glad to support one.  All their designs have a retro feel.  It’s possible I may have ordered several of them at once (I’m not saying) and now I’m trying out the skirt first, since I judged it to be the easiest.

I’m making it from a yellow cotton twill, as you can kind of see in this horrible photo.  The pattern is straightforward, but it has lots of detail – for instance, I’ve learned to make a lining, (I even hand basted it in!) how to use my blind hem foot, and how to make and sew on belt loops.  I thought yellow would be fun, and good for all year wear (with tights in the winter of course!. ) I’ve been trying to take things slowly, so that I can be sure to do a good job on the individual components, since that was one of my resolutions.  I want to be sure I understand every step, so this isn’t as quick as I bet it could be.   I didn’t like the belt loops called for in the pattern, so I improvised and made up new ones (not rocket science, but a proud moment in my newbie seamstress life!)  I did leave out the pockets, since I wanted the shape to be uninterrupted.  I’m on the buttonholes now, and once those are done I will sew on the buttons by hand… and have a new skirt to wear.  I love the new sewing room – I can leave out my mess overnight sometimes!

Thank you for all the New Year’s wishes – they were very sweet and much appreciated.  I look forward to many new skills learned this year!

15 thoughts on “Something new every day

  1. wow..i love that yellow! it looks like it’s going well, and yes going slowly (especially the first time around) is probably best. i’m learning that lesson this year also.

  2. Yum, I’m in love with just the first pic! I have the opposite problem, of being very long-waisted, but since my legs are short I tend towards high-waisted things too. High waisted things (including pants) are stylish and not granny at all if one is thin and doesn’t have a pot belly.

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