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In the meantime…

Wow – what a great response to my question about other crafts – I’m glad to be in such great company, and I hope my quest to learn to sew goes well!  I’m waiting on a part for my machine, though I do now have a copy of the manual, and I’ve been working on my knitting (of course!)

My next sweater is going to be Salina, from Rowan’s Vintage Knits.

Yes, I finally found a yarn.  I’m using Rowanspun 4-ply, double stranded.  I actually have 2 colors – Jade and a dark blue, and they look great together!

I also finished one of my tsunami socks.

Socks that rock lightweight is surprisingly not light.  It’s got to be on the heavy side of fingering, or maybe it’s just very dense.  I like knitting with it quite a bit!

I’m also giving serious thought to redoing our attic soon.  Marc uses it for his things, but I don’t like to be up there, and I would like a craft area.  It has central air and new windows (including skylights) as well as plumbing, but it lacks drywall and needs a new floor (currently a very old linoleum.

The stairs:

main area

Big new windows (at either end.)

What do you all think?  I think we can it mostly do ourselves, and I need a house project!

19 thoughts on “In the meantime…

  1. That attic space has great potential, mainly because of all that light. I can see it looking really nice when finished!

    you could consider hiring someone to just do the drywall for you and do everything else yourself. Smoothing the taping compound for drywall generates a lot of fine dust.

  2. Oh – a craft room with natural light! That’s awesome!!

    Your socks look warm and cozy. Love the way your 2 yarns swatched up for Salina. I’ve had this in queue forever, and the yarn for it – but never seem to get around to casting on…

  3. Please do work on Salina next, maybe it will give me the kick in the butt I need to finish mine!

    And the attic, YES! That would make a fabulous craft space (what a lucky girl you are!)

  4. I’m actually jealous that your new-old house hasn’t needed more work. 🙂 I’ve been in mine (1929 bungalow) for 1.5 years and I still have SO much work to do. I’m especially jealous of the good condition of your woodwork. So yes, do the project, absolutely! We need some more house related posts!

    Whatever happened to your old condo, did it sell or are you renting it out?

    1. Oh, we still have work to do – the entire kitchen needs to be gutted for one, but that’s waiting until we sell the condo. It almost sold, but then the FHA loan the buyer was getting fell through for silly government rule reasons, so we are currently renting it out. It isn’t so bad – our renters are nice, and our new house is only 3 blocks from the condo so we can get there quickly to fix things. And it pays a big chunk of our mortgage. But we can’t really redo the kitchen until it sells because we have the kitchen reno money tied up in that place right now. So I’m looking at doing the attic instead!

      We got really lucky with our house – cosmetically it was pretty horrid, especially for this (sort of ritzy) neighborhood. I think people couldn’t look past all the terrible paint and wallpaper to see the great woodwork and fairly updated systems.

      I love bungalows – my Mom has a bungalow about that age, and I love it!


  5. That’s a great idea to create a crafting area in your attic. Years ago I rented a house that had a beautiful, finished attic with tons of space for the kids to have play area and for me to have a large craft table and plenty of organized supplies on hand. It was truly awesome.

    Your sweater is going to be beautiful, and I love how cozy that sock looks!

    Good luck with sewing!


  6. If you do it yourself, make sure you have a good respirator and get everything taped off really well! I’d be tempted to hire someone to do the drywall. Any color ideas for the space? I absolutely love the colors in my home–I used a very good book to guide me, Kevin McCloud’s Choosing Colors. I was and still am quite obsessed with it and recommend it entirely.

    Thank you for showing the sock, you are fast! How do you produce so much? I just turned the heel of a knee-high in a pink Shi-bui knit on zeros, I think. No pattern, just using a lace panel from a book and taking a few hints here and there from another basic sock pattern. I hope it turns out ok, and that I can replicate it for the second!

    I love your blog, I love all the things you think of to share.

  7. Having a craft room with those huge windows would be lovely! A little knitting chair set up perfectly to one side so that you can knit in natural light, and take perfect FO shots would be awesome!

  8. I think that would be an awesome space. I’m almost green with envy over that space. That is the type of space that I have been dreaming of. Some work and it would be perfect. Good luck.

  9. That attic would make such a perfect craft area! Wonderful light. And the hard parts are already done. Decorate with your stash.

  10. I would be all over that attic! What an awesome space! And how can you neglect so much room? Our attic has no floor, no drywall, no windows, and is only about five feet tall, and I’ve spent hours trying to work out how it could be a crafting space.

  11. the attic would be an amazing craft room.

    my best friends father is an artist and he’s always had his studio’s in the attic with sun lights. he claims it to be the best creative environment.

  12. I think that attic space is going to be great! Lots of light and room for all your stuff!

    I’ve had Salina on my list for awhile but haven’t thought much about picking a yarn for it. I’m sure I’ll get motivated to make one once I see yours!

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