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Sock stash enhancement

Sad news this week… there will be no pictures of the Bobbie cardigan coming.  Why?  Because it looks super awful on me.  Even my husband agrees that it just isn’t “me.”  It is a bit big in the shoulders and bust, so I can’t come up with a closure that is flattering, but it doesn’t look right hanging open.  So… it will be frogged (eventually) and the yarn made into a nice shawl or something.

Still, I was kind of depressed about it, so… I sort of ordered some sock yarn.  At least I managed to avoid more green yarn, and it’s all lovely!  Some pretty shots for you – this is what the light box was made for!

Have you any wool? Luxe sock in Spice

This is beautiful… lovely merino cashmere blend, and the colors are so perfect for autumn!

Have you any wool? Luxe sport in Winter’s Reserve

I bought this to make socks with, but upon reflection the yardage (250 yds) is less than I would like.   It’s sport weight, but on the lighter side of that – thinner than Shepherd Sport, for instance.  If I want socks I will need to choose carefully.  Again, it is so soft, and the colors are beautiful.  This is a new dyer to me, and I’m very impressed!

Madelinetosh sock in Gilded

I love Madelinetosh’s colors – they are always such an interesting blend (well, except for PopRocks, which is just retina searing pink (love it!))  I love yellows and golds, so this was a natural choice.

Madelinetosh sock in Victorian Gothic

I bought this for the name, I can’t lie.  Two of my favorite things in one?  I had to have it.  I’m kind of obsessed with both the Victorian era and all things Gothic, so… I really like the color too – see what I mean about interesting colors?  It’s variegated, but it’s not crazy.  I’m really curious about how this will knit up.  I’ll have to choose carefully, but I’m thinking of a pattern from “Knitting socks with handpainted yarn.” I’d love any ideas you might have for sock patterns with this one!

There… stash is enhanced, and I feel better.   There are still a few sock yarn lines I want to try (Sanguine Gryphon etc) but I try to keep things at a manageable level – I’ll go back to the rule I had before, where I have to knit a pair of socks before I get a new skein of sock yarn.   But who am I kidding?  I can’t resist a beautiful semi-solid yarn!

16 thoughts on “Sock stash enhancement

  1. Hi….Wait…If it looks good from the top of the waist down, can’t you frog it back and then rework the top portion – decrease accordingly for the chest and narrow the shoulders for both the back and front if required… Perhaps the back is fine but only needs to be narrowed at the very top???

    When it comes to patterns, I use them as a guideline – rather like food recipes….It’s a real struggle for me to refrain from tweaking a pattern…

    On the other hand, if the entire garment is entirely not you…well then frogging may be the answer….

    Princess Diana’s british designer Catherine Walker saw pics of Diana on TV wearing her outfits (on her first Australian tour) and realized that Diana’s outfits needed to be taken back a .5″ at the shoulder to give her a better line…so…all to encourage you that even the top designers are always learning…works in progress….

    Have fun!….Love what you do, you are amazing! – looking forward to seing more of your ‘fall/winter’ collection!.. 🙂

  2. It really sucks, to hate something after you’ve spent all that time. But gorgeous new yarn helps. 🙂 I have a yellow madelinetosh pastoral (chamomile) and I can’t look at it without smiling. That Luxe Spice is incredible, I may have to buy some!

  3. Lovely, it’s nice to see what you’ve bought and the reasons for each purchase. Beautiful pics in your new lightbox too!

    Lovely choices, they all look divine.

  4. ugh, it’s always so disappointing when a knit just doesn’t work!! I can never frog right away, I always need some time for closure first. The new yarn is gorgeous!! I love the firs tone the best.

  5. Those are stunning! I’m a sucker for Madelinetosh… the good woman is to blame for 2 consecutive yarn diet failures. The colors are irresistibly beautiful.

  6. Thanks for sharing those pretty sock yarns. I probably would have gone for the Victorian Gothic, too. I have a fascination with that era like you. Also love the Regency period just prior. Maybe it is those empire waist dresses:).

  7. Sorry about Bobbie… I suppose these things happen! You made me laugh with your “I’m not knitting more, because honestly my hands would fall off” 😉 I can understand, you are so productive! Nice new yarn! Look forward to see what it will become! Have a great “lite” week 😉

  8. What an interesting name for yarn, Madelinetosh. Just in time for apples by the similar name. Though I’ve never knitted socks in the yellow/gold color the one you’ve got is simply amazing!

    I highly recommend “Knitting Socks With Handpainted Yarn”.

  9. Stash enhancement is goooood. 😉 I did some myself this weekend, even though I set myself on a diet a month or so ago. Well, I broke it several times and I don’t feel guilty anymore – I had a habit of buying more than I could afford and had started taking money from the food budget, so that’s why I went on the “diet”. This time I behaved myself and only used money already in my wallet – didn’t go to an ATM to get more or anything! Everything in moderation, I guess.

    Anyway, very pretty sock yarn. 🙂 I am envious of those pretty colours!

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