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Fall is for layering

I used to really object to the idea of layering, preferring suffering to feeling suffocated under fabric.  That was before I realized that layering could include wearing short sleeved sweaters over something long – and my arms don’t have to feel like stuffed sausages!  So I’m a wee bit obsessed with this idea.  After finishing 2 short sleeved pieces already this year, I’m working on another.  This is Bobbie, from the Rowan Colourscape Folk collection by Sarah Hatton.

I’ll be honest… in part I’m making this because I had 4 skeins of Colourscape in Northern lights that needed to be used (and I can’t believe I bought that – this yarn is crazy overpriced IMO.)  It is nice to knit with though, and I like it in the double moss stitch.  This is a really simple pattern, and it’s going very quickly – since taking that photo I’ve finished the back and part of one front.   After this sweater I will be working on something with long sleeves – it will be time!  It just doesn’t get cold early here – I usually find that I don’t get any use from my long sleeved sweaters until November at the earliest, so I’m pleased to have found something transitional (other than socks, which I will be starting up again soon) to knit!

I’ve been on a bit of a sock book buying spree, so look for some reviews of those coming soon.  I usually don’t buy books of sweater patterns, but for some reason I own every sock book known to man.