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FO: Kürbis baby hat

Pattern: Kürbis baby hat

Yarn: Vanna’s choice in Tangerine and Kelly Green

Needles: US 5 and 6

Notes: I’m not much of one for knitting baby items, but I do have a baby niece – and what kind of a knitter aunt would I be if I didn’t make her something?  Besides, this hat is adorable!  The pattern was easy to follow.  I only made one alteration – knitting the stem on 3 stitches rather than 4, because my yarn was slightly thinner than called for in the pattern.  I knitted it tightly, and the size seems ok.  It only took a few hours.  The yarn was alright for an acrylic – not as scratchy as red heart, but less floppy than simply soft.  I like that it comes in some nice muted colors.  I’d use it again for something like this, though not for anything larger I don’t think.

Halloween is almost here – ah, my favorite holiday!

11 thoughts on “FO: Kürbis baby hat

  1. I am just about to need to knit a baby pumpkin hat for my friend..awesome to not have to figure out what yarn and what pattern. This is very cute.

  2. I always love seeing those adorable little pumpking hats! Funny thing is, none of my own children have ever worn or owned one, LOL!!
    Great FO though!
    Happy knitting-

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