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FO: Ashlar crochet cardigan

Pattern: Ashlar Crochet Cardigan, by Robin Chachula, available free here.

Yarn: Cascade 220 heathers in Jet (Main color,) Kansas, and Deep sea.  Regular Cascade 220 in Siena.

Hook: E (3.5 mm?)

Notes: I had a really hard time getting photos of this sweater – it was too sunny and awfully windy.  But I think you get the idea!  I really love how this turned out.  I decided to make it because I loved the idea of a traditional round yoked cardigan done crochet style, and I am not disappointed at all!  Cascade 220 is a great yarn to crochet with – it’s economical (important for crochet, which eats yarn) yet all natural.

I had a pretty hard time making it through the yoke – written crochet directions are long, so I prefer charts – but the charts in this case were hard for me because it sometimes showed all the repeats, and sometimes not, making for much confusion.  I will also say that the gauge swatch was useless, since it seems that the sweater doesn’t really use the rows of the swatch pattern in order.  I ended up dropping 3 hook sizes from my swatch to get the correct size.  I recommend casting on, doing  a few rows, and then measuring your back neck length – that’s what I had to do.  Fortunately crochet is quick.  It’s also important to count your stitches after every row of the yoke – I kept forgetting to do that, and then having to rip back.

I mostly followed the pattern, with one important deviation.  The pattern calls for using hooks and eyes to close the sweater, with dummy buttons sewed to the outside.  I liked the idea of the dummy buttons, but I hate hooks and eyes.  They are really hard to sew on, and they never stay shut for me.  So I just sewed  the yoke shut – it’s not as though I’m going to want to wear this thing open anyway.  The neck opening is wide enough that it easily goes over my head.  I used 2 big yellow-ish buttons that I have been saving for years – they were too big to function, but perfect for this project!

I ended up with something like a 33″ bust – a little bigger than the pattern because my fronts do not overlap at all.  The yoke rides up a little sometimes, but not more than anything with a round yoke.  I think this is easily the nicest crocheted garment I have made!

27 thoughts on “FO: Ashlar crochet cardigan

  1. Very nice! The first picture is an especially pretty one of you. Tyra Banks would say you are “smiling with your eyes”.

  2. Cute! I don’t crochet, but this is a nice use of the stitch. I hear you about cardis. They’re about all I knit/wear, as far as sweaters go, but much of the time I end up just pulling them over my head like the buttons aren’t even there. Silly.

  3. WOW!!! That is really beautiful!!! I am finding that the more I knit, the more I dislike crocheting. I really don’t want that to happen. Do you crochet or knit faster?

  4. Wow! The cardigan turned out really, really pretty! You are so good. I can’t believe how fast you can knit a sweater. You are my hero. 🙂

  5. Very good job. Your stitches are nice and even; your tension looks consistent, the colors you chose are perfect, and you look lovely in the garment. Very good job you did there. I commend you.

  6. Gorgeous! You make me want to crochet that and lately it takes a lot to get me to crochet. Part of what makes your work look so good (in addition to the obvious fact that it’s so beautifully done and your colors are always so lovely) is your choice of accessories. That turtle neck sets the sweater off perfectly.

  7. Nice work! Usually I like the vibrant colors that characterize your style, but I like the more subtle and muted tones you chose for this.

    And as always, impeccable styling.

  8. Love this! Cute crocheted garments are so rare, especially one with a nice drape like this. It’s just a little bit retro and way cool!

  9. As always, your finished sweater is lovely. This sweater is one reason that I’ve been wanting to try crochet. Your button solution seems like a perfect choice!

  10. Hi. It took me a while but I went over all of your blogs from 2006. wow. You are a great knitter! You have the perfect body to wear all and any of those sweaters, etc. And you have gorgeous eyes. You and Marc are such a cute couple. I am actually a crocheter myself. But I would like to start knitting. I crocheted a beautiful red skirt in double crochet cotton and when I get my dumb camera working again, I’ll have to send you a pic of it. Take care and happy knitting!

  11. Hi, I came over your blogwhile google-ing for some patterns, and I love it! Great kniiting and crocheting, you really make my day everytime I visit your blog 🙂 Have a nice day!

  12. First of all I love your colour choice. It really suits you.
    I stumbled over your blog while I was looking for others who made this cardigan in the hope they could help me. English is not my first language, but until now I didn’t really have problems reading the charts or the instructions, but this time I am completely stuck on row 14. I have the 215 double stitches from the previous row, but can’t seem to manage to get only 71 dc2tog and 70 ch-2 spaces. I always get around 71 / 72 ch-2 spaces in the end (and more dc2tog because of it) and just wanted to ask, how you did both ‘ends’ (the beginning and the end of row 14) which is where I think my problem is.
    Sorry if this is not allowed in any way.
    Thanks in advance! Saydi

  13. What beautiful colours!
    Sigh, I’m having real problems with this cardigan – for me it seems that the chart and the written instructions don’t match up properly – and so I find myself 6 rows in and missing about 5 stitches 😦
    Do you know what might have gone wrong?
    Thank you!

  14. Your notes have been really helpful to me. I can’t read charts, and I know I should learn, but I am glad to know that this chart isn’t done well. This will NOT be my first project where I learn charts. lol Anywho, I think I will be tackling this now. Yours is so beautiful, and I just can’t pass this up. I also like the idea of sewing the yoke shut instead of the hooks. This is beautiful, and I am truly inspired.

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