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At least it will be funny someday…

It’s been a crazy weekend, you might say.  Friday night, Marc and I went to the opera (we love opera, and one of my best friends works for the opera company, so we’re supporting!)

I especially love dressing up.  It was la Traviata, not my favorite (a bit too much dying of consumption for my taste) but the cast was phenomenal!

Saturday we made a trek to Cincinnati, to see Marc’s parents and go to Ikea (I finally got a new dressing table, and I am super excited to get my stuff out of the bathroom where guests and students can’t see it!)

We got back pretty late, and went to bed.  We woke up at 4 am to the sound of someone opening our front door.  I woke up Marc, who armed himself with our only real weapon, a fire extinguisher, and called 911.  We stayed shut it our room, as we heard someone coming up the stairs.  I don’t mind saying that I was completely terrified!  The police arrived and, as it turned out, there was a drunk stranger passed out in the bed in our guest room.  One of the policemen attempted to calm me by saying “don’t worry, we get this sort of thing all the time!” which was somewhat less than comforting.  Of course, the guy had decided that it would be a good idea to lose his pants in our foyer, so our neighbors got to witness someone without pants being dragged out of our house at 4:30 am.

As it turns out, I had left the keys in the front door when we got back so late, and the drunk thought he had made it to his friends’ house near us (and they had thoughtfully left the keys!)  Don’t ask me how he failed to notice that he was not even faintly in the right house.  He called this morning to apologize profusely and with much embarrassment.

I love my neighborhood, and wouldn’t leave it for anything, but tomorrow we are so getting an alarm system, so as to avoid more confused drunks!

Ahem… I have also been crocheting, although not since Friday!  After crocheting the yoke of my sweater at least twice, I’m on the body, which is pretty smooth sailing.

If you make this pattern, be sure to count your stitches after each row of the yoke – I could have saved myself so much trouble that way.

Happy Monday everyone – here’s hoping for a great week!

29 thoughts on “At least it will be funny someday…

  1. You’re right about this story being terrifying and funny at the same time. Thank goodness it was a “kinddrunk” passed out in your guest bed and you’re okay. I don’t know what I would have done in your situation.
    Btw, the sweater is looking really good so far.

  2. Something very similar happened to me when I was in college! I had a bedroom on the third floor of a townhouse, and one day when I was home all alone a transient looking fellow walked right into my bedroom, which he would have had to enter our house and go up two flights of stairs to get to! Luckily, there was a bathroom in my room, so I locked myself in there and called 911. When my roommate got home, the police thought it was him, and wouldn’t let him into the house!

  3. Yup, it will be funny in a few years. I’m sure at the time it was terrifying though! You both looked lovely all glammed up for the Opera too!

  4. The story will be funnier in the future, for now it’s just scary and unnerving. A home invasion is just frightening.

    Your crochette looks lovely. 🙂

  5. What a crazy story! I’m so glad that it ended up being a non-dangerous, silly drunk guy. It’s so cute that he called you, though; he must have been so embarrassed. So glad that you guys are okay!

  6. This happened to us a couple weeks ago. We didn’t call the police because we thought he was a friend of my sister-in-law who was in for the weekend. The guy was so embarrassed, but he had pants on.

    1. Hello friends.. I am so glad you are safe and not sorry..also glad he was a funny drunk … your sweater is lovely .. very nice job…hugs and blessings…Nancy

  7. AHH! That would be scary. One morning my husband went out to scrape the snow off of my car and when he came back in he told me that I had left my keys in the door all night… luckily no one stumbled into our house. But, I did learn my lesson and now make sure that my keys are safely in the house before I go to bed. 🙂 Glad it all turned out all right….

  8. I can’t believe that happened to you! I would have been terrified as well! Thank goodness it was “only” a drunk person, and not an intruder with other intent. Actually, this is a good wake-up call for me, as I’ve left my keys in my front door a number of times (by accident of course), only to find them in the morning when I’m looking for them. Opps!

  9. Wow! You’re right in a few years it will be a hilarious story – but it will take a while. Glad all is well.

    Love the crochet sweater!! In fact, I like the pattern enough to learn to crochet.

  10. We used to live near a university residence hall and one of the guys got “lost” and entered our house. My husband found him in the kitchen making a sandwich and drink Mountain Dew! I agree with scary and funny!

  11. I am so sorry for your scare and happy you are okay, but you made me laugh out loud with your description of a man with no pants being drug out of your house!! It was the laugh I needed. BTW, I am terrible about leaving the keys in the door when I come in the house.

  12. OMG! Possibly, remembering your keys would be a plus, and cheaper than an alarm. But then we don’t even have keys to our house. We go in through the garage. Oddly enough in the 6 yrs we’ve lived there we’ve been lucky no one else has figured this out & the electricity has always been on when we came home so we’ve never been locked out. We do lock the house up tight at night & durring the day all the doors are locked & the garage door opener is set to lock.

    I’m sure you were terrified. My bedroom door is 2 steps from the entry to the garage (where most theives enter the house), so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t live to see the morning if it happened to me. I’m glad you’re safe & it was only a harmless person looking for a place to sleep it off….. maybe I should buy an alarm. 😉

  13. That this man was not wearing pants makes this all so much funnier!

    Things like this used to happen to me all the time in college. I lived in a tiny Arizona town with a very laissez faire attitude towards property. Locks schmocks, the general population seemed to think.

  14. I went to my first opera this summer (the Barber of Seville) and I am completely smitten. Our local opera has a three production season in the summer and I’m planning on getting season tickets next year.

    I know first hand how scary a break in can be. Best wishes and take care.

  15. i leave my keys in the front door all the time, usually due to me opening the door with my hands full of bags and just leaving the keys and going to put the bags down. Usually, I would then go close the door and grab my keys, but sometimes someone will close the door before I can get back there and they don’t realize I left my keys in it, and of course when I turn around and the door is closed I just proceed to unpack bags instead of realize that my keys are in it. Thank God nothing like this ever happened to me. And I’m such an animal lover, when I was reading this my first thought was “I hope their kitties were in the bedroom with them” because I totally would freak out if it were me and they weren’t.

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