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A long time coming

It took almost 7 months, but the bobble cardigan is finished!

I hope to have modeled photos tomorrow.   It’s super cute on – so much prettier than it looked in the magazine!  It also didn’t really take that much knitting time, once I started doing all the crosses without a cable needle.

I’ve decided that my next project is going to be the crochet cardigan below, available for free from Classic Elite.

I think it’s adorable.  I’m using Cascade 220 in the colors below.

From right the colors are: Kansas, Jet, Deep Sea, and Siena.  On the bottom you see a cat.  Except for siena they are all heathers.  Jet (the charcoal) will be the main color, and I’m trying to decide the order of the others.   The yellow will definitely be the middle row, so I just need to decide on the other two – do I want more brown or more teal?

I love how adorably cranky Sarah Jane is.  She was not amused when I kept taking photos on “her” bed.