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It’s that time of year…

My guest room looks like this:

I’m getting my sweaters ready for Fall and assessing my closet.  So far I only have 1 bag for Goodwill, but I expect to find more!  I’m also trying to come up with better sweater storage solutions.  My previous solution (in closet shelf) does not work… things get buried and I never wear them.

I managed to finish the back and one front of my hoodie, so it’s well on its way now!  I’m motivating myself by getting ready to work on a UFO after I’m done… the Blooming Cardigan from last winter’s IK.  Here’s a progress photo (I’ve finished about half of the sweater.)

I put it aside because I was totally over wool last spring, but now I’m ready to take on some bobbles again!

As soon as all my sweaters are in respectable condition, I will do a review on the yarn’s I used this year, so look for that coming up soon!