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Uncharacteristically slow

I’m plodding along on the back of the Hoodie vest.  It’s not a hard pattern, but working with big needles is hard on my hands, so I’m trying not to push things.  I’m nearly done with the back.  This sweater is very like a vest in the sense that it doesn’t have armhole shaping – armholes are marked and ribbing picked up at the end.  It took me forever to figure that out, since I don’t read ahead, and I was wondering why the length seemed so long!

I’ve also had lots going on here since my last entry.   My best friend moved back here from Florida, so I’ve been spending a lot of time with her (I’m so happy she’s here!)  We made an emergency trip to Cinci when my husband’s father got sick (he is ok now – it may have been a false alarm.)  I auditioned for (and made) a semi-professional choir, who I am really looking forward to singing with this season.  One of my friends got married in Indiana, so we traveled for that.   I’ve been to the dentist twice, sorting out precisely how ridiculous the amount of money I have to spend on my teeth is (the answer: totally insane, but we can manage.)  I have 30 students now, which isn’t stressful exactly, but it does keep me on my toes (did I mention that I love my new schedule more than I know how to say?  I have weekends now!)

Oh, and Sarah Jane has had to go on insulin shots.  It’s not a bad thing, nor unexpected – the pills just weren’t keeping her sugar regulated well enough.  I was worried about hurting her, but she doesn’t much notice, and she’s a happier kitty now that she’s more balanced.

We got her a new bed, and she loves it -she spends most afternoons there, before going down into the kitchen at 5:30 to start crying for Marc to come home.  Who would have thought the joy that one skinny abandoned cat would bring to our lives?   She is existing pretty well with the other 2 cats now.  Leon, of course, is distraced by the large amount of little girls that come into our home now for lessons.  They love the big fluffy friendly cat, and he finally gets all the attention he wants.  And Dionne is happy because she has her own room (the guest room) where the others do not bother her.

Hopefully I will get more knitting time soon – I’m trying to pick out my next project!  The new Twist  Collective is out, and I like several of the designs (especially Ysolda’s sweater, though I want to see some finished examples.)  I also want to make something from the new Kim Hargreaves, though I haven’t picked exactly yet, and of course there are a few in IK I like was well.  So many decisions to make!

14 thoughts on “Uncharacteristically slow

  1. I love it when you give a knitting update, J! It keeps me inspired. I have finished Kim Hargreaves’ “Devon”! I will post photos in Ravelry as soon as I can get someone to take pics:)

  2. I can’t wait to see more of your sweater as you progress. I really want to start my first sweater but I am trying to find that “just right” pattern.
    I love this hoodie though! Maybe it will be this one.

  3. Give your kitty an extra cuddle or two… insulin will make her feel better.

    Big needles hurt my hands too, which is why I’m slow with garments — bigger than sock needles counts as big.

  4. I’m glad Sarah Jane and your other cats are getting along better now. It’s hard to have one cat that someone declawed, and two that have their claws. I still occasionally clean messes inspired by Rainy’s unhappiness at not “fitting in.” 🙂

    Your vest looks great so far, and I hope you have more knitting time soon! Can’t wait to see what you choose next.

  5. I’m finding that hoodie to be uncharacteristically slow! The back took me forever, but luckily the fronts are moving much faster. Which is weird to me, but true. I’m glad I’m not the only one knitting that one slowly! I hope to get the fronts done and the hood started tonight!

  6. I was touched by the comment about your cat: “Who would have thought the joy that one skinny abandoned cat would bring to our lives?!

    I know exactly what you mean. Our cat Muffin is an abandoned cat who turned up in our garden a couple of days before Christmas last year. She was about 5 months old, terribly skinny and very, very frightened. It didn’t take long before she was healthy and friendly, and in June this she had her first (and last) litter. We never considered the possibility of bvringing a cat into the family – and now we have three of them!

    Well, I knit too. That’s how I found your blog!

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