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New project and new books (again!)

I have started work on my hoodie – because nothing says August like a bulky wool sweater!  Actually, I don’t really understand the idea of it being “too hot to work with wool,” but then again I avoid the outdoors in the afternoon (sun is my bitter enemy) and now work entirely out of my house… so I haven’t experienced so much of the heat this year.  I’m also terribly cold natured, and I’m looking forward to having this lovely hoodie to wear when the weather turns.  The pattern is very enjoyable – the cables are easy, but more interesting than your typical cables.  It’s actually going very quickly, but I haven’t had much time to work on it – we have been back and forth to Cincinnati for my husband’s family several times.

Fall patterns continue to roll out – and Kim Hargreaves has just released her fall book!  I bought it right away, of course.  Now I am only waiting on the fall Twist Collective, which I am excited about… it has sweaters from some of my favorite designers!

Yes, she may inspire me to finally knit a dress – I love that one!  I love how she can take big wool (the last sweater) and make it look elegant.  None of Rowan’s current designers do that for me.  Speaking of Rowan, their fall books are all out now.  I like the new purelife collection and the colourscape folk collection (I have some skeins of Colourscape dying to be knit up.)  I think Rowan magazine 46 is ok, though again there are rather too many bulky shapeless things for my taste.  There is a section of vintage inspired designs and they are nice enough.  I’m not sure yet whether I will be purchasing this one.

These are the 2 sweaters I like from the purelife collection – aren’t the details lovely?  The designer is Marie Wallin – I generally like her designs the best out of the current Rowan designers.  The rest of the book is great too.

I like the new Colourscape collection much better than the last – I would actually wear these designs!  The last sweater may not be in the book?  I read something like that online, about it being on the website later.  I still think Colourscape is overpriced, but since I have some I may as well use it up (I have enough for any of these designs.)

That’s all for now… I have lots of knittng to do!

13 thoughts on “New project and new books (again!)

  1. Isn’t the new Kim Hargreaves book great – I love it too! There’s just so much out this autumn, it’s insane…. the new Jared Flood book is lovely as well… and you’re right on the money with those Purelife sweaters… gorgeous! The Lima collection from Rowan has some pretty things too. I’m *almost* wishing summer was over so I’d actually have a need for heaps of gorgeous new sweaters!

  2. I have also started a bulky wool cable cardigan! Of course, the Alaskan summers never get that hot so I get the pleasure of working with wool year round. 😉

    I’ll have to check out Kim’s new book. I love her stuff!

  3. ooh, the hoodie looks great so far! I love the design, I’m thinking of making it with 3/4 or long sleeves, though. I said it before and I’ll say it again- I love the colour yarn you chose.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I am always a fan of Kim Hargreaves – her designs are feminine, romantic and yet classic.
    Your sweater is coming along nicely. Keep it going!

  5. Quel merveilleux blog. On pourrait s’y perdre des heures et des heures à contempler toutes tes magnifiques créations plus belles les unes que les autres. Un grand bravo et continue de nous faire rêver.


  6. I love the cabled dress, too. And that beret. Colder weather has its benefits, no? Thank you for sharing your faves. I am nearing the completion of Hargreaves’ “Devon–slouchy striped sweater”, but I am not making stripes:)

  7. Goodness you are fast. Already starting on another sweater!

    I love all the new designs coming out.

    Do you like the Vogue Knitting magazine? It is almost always my favorite with loads of cute designs that you would probably like.

    You haven’t mentioned it, so thought I would ask.

    I can’t wait to see the finished hoodie!

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