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To distract from my still unfinished smock sweater, here is the yarn I bought for my hoodie.  It’s Valley Yarns Northampton bulky in ocean heather.  It’s a nice sturdy yarn, not soft but not scratchy either.  I get 3.75 st/in on US 10 needles – I could probably get gauge on 10.5s, but mine are missing, and I want it a little smaller anyway.  Isn’t the color pretty?

The smock top, with all it’s little twists, is making me crazy.  I’m in the home stretch now though – the back is done, and I’m working on the cabled part of the front.  Thank goodness it’s such a low neckline, is all I have to say!  I’m worried about the fit, but I hope it will be ok – the cabled fabric is incredibly stretchy.  I may have to redo my neckline if it seems too tight.  Shine sport doesn’t shed as badly as shine worsted, I’m happy to report – I am not covered in teal fuzz!

12 thoughts on “Distraction:

  1. You’re quick – can’t wait to see it finished! Do you have a link or anything for the St. Denis magazine in your last post? I haven’t been able to find anything on it and I LOVE the two sweaters you showed. Thank you!

  2. I can picture the hoodie in your swatch color on you, and all I can say is FABULOUS! It will work so well with your hair and skin tone. Not to mention, that pattern is my favorite in the fall Knits issue. I’m a little jealous that yours will undoubtedly be finished long before mine, but I can’t wait to see it when you’re done!

  3. we must share half a brain. i’m spinning yarn for this hoodie right now. hopefully we’ll have greater success than we did with the retro cardigan. 😉

  4. Since I fall in love with any yarn with “ocean” or “sea” in its name, I love the one you’ve chosen for your hoodie.

    Your smock top sounds like my Breton Girl — the sweater that refuses to be done. I finally finished the body and am now working on the mid-length sleeves. Hope the neckline, etc, on your top works out OK!

  5. That is a gorgeous color.

    After many years of only approaching “practical” sweaters, I’m finally coming ’round to the short sleeved sweater. They really are pretty nifty, and, now that I’ve really given them a go, I realize they are more vest than sweater. Funny how something as simple as a title can throw you off the scent.

    I’ve not looked at Knit1 for ages. Perhaps I’ll give them another go.

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