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Fall ’09 Interweave Knits

The preview is up for the Fall IK.  I think it looks like a good issue, with a only few missteps (a few sweaters with ridiculous amounts of ease – really, it starts at a 43″ bust?)  I like the 4 sweaters below:

The first sweater is by Veronik Avery, who has a new magazine (St. Denis) being published by Classic Elite this fall (see below.)  I am a huge admirer of her work, and I love this sweater.  The lace pattern is pretty and delicate, and it has an interesting stand-up collar detail in the back.  I like the 2nd sweater, which reminds me of a few Kim Hargreaves designs, only this one is knit in a worsted yarn rather than 4-ply.  The only problem is finding coordinating colors in 2 weights of yarn.  The 3rd is by Connie Chang Chinchio, another designer who I always admire.  You can’t tell in this photo, but there are pockets!  I can’t explain why I like the last one, I just do… I think I like the yarn choice.  And that she’s wearing a beret – I do love a beret (on someone else… they look silly on me!)

The photos from the St. Denis magazine are up on Ravelry now.  They all feature St. Denis, a sport weight wool.  I’m definitely getting the book for the 2 patterns below.

Do I need another hoodie?  Is it probably like all my others?  Will I make it anyway?  No, Yes, and most likely.  Somehow I have become a hoodie person, which is hilarious since I don’t even wear the hoods up, and I’m not even a little sporty, but… there you go.  Right now I am wearing a ridiculous teal hoodie with little gold foil hearts all over it, and heart beads dangling from the drawstring, which probably came from a junior’s department somewhere… and I love it.

I am already plotting these sweaters.  I love when we start seeing the Fall patterns – winter knitting is so much more fun for me, to the point where I’ve reduced my summer knitting to about 3 months of the year.  I’m also looking forward to Brooklyn Tweed’s booklet (also for Classic Elite I believe.)  The Fall Vogue is already on its way to subscribers, but as of yet there is no preview.  The sweaters I have seen look nice, and I will probably buy it (I do not subscribe to any knitting magazines, because I’m fickle.)  I’m sure I will talk about it later (along with Rowan’s offerings for fall.)

I finally finished the endless stockinette on my sweater.  For those of you asking, the yarn is Knitpicks Shine sport in Aquamarine, sadly discontinued and a beautiful color.  I was worried about how it would look in cables, but I think it’s surprisingly nice (though I am knitting on size 1 needles to get this stitch definition.)  My next yarn order will likely be knitpicks – I’m wanting to try out the new DK and worsted weights of Gloss, and I’m sure I can find something else I “need.”

17 thoughts on “Fall ’09 Interweave Knits

  1. I’m not sure if I’ll knit anything from Interweave this time but it looks like a decent issue. I’m disappointed that not even the Fall issue has drawn Eunny out of designer-hiding though. It has now been a year since we had a garment from her and even then it was only the Abigail T.

    I think we all hoped for lots of great designs like the Tangled Yoke when she took over editing IK but it hasn’t happened. Shame.

    P.S. Who doesn’t need another hoodie? Go on…

  2. It is so hard to tell if I am really going to like (or dislike) something from IK until I actually see the issue! I am so excited though – so many interesting things coming out. I cannot wait for the booklets from Brooklyn Tweed and Veronik!

  3. I’ve been to the Interweave site and can’t for the life of me find the ’09 preview. What am I missing? Same thing for finding the St. Denis patterns on Ravelry. I’d love to see them all but just can’t find them. Help!

  4. I’m really pleased with the St. Denis preview as well. Avery is always a favorite of mine. I’m curious, however, if you bought her book? I pre-ordered it back when it came out and was, to be honest, quite disappointed. Not many sweaters I’d knit, if any, which is such a surprise as I usually choose her designs as my favorites in magazines.

  5. I came across some of the St. Denis and Interweave sweaters last night on Ravelry and pretty much would choose the same sweaters you like. I was surpised when I went to the website for the whole preview how many of the sweaters seem really large in general. Perhaps less shaping is the fashion this fall?

    I hope you do knit some of these sweaters, yours always look so nice!

  6. I’m always excited to see IK previews. It’s by far my favorite knitting magazine! It’s also nice to see what catches the eye of my favorite bloggers… For some reason, it gives a different perspective! I do agree with you that AquaMarine is a wonderful color, very “summery”!

  7. Thanks for posting about the IK preview. So far, there’s nothing there or in Knitscene that is a must-knit for me, which I guess is a good thing. I’ve really been wanting to get to the Dauphine book by Louisa Harding. I love her feminine knits.

    But you are tempting me with that red hoodie. I wear my CPH to death and it might be nice to have another one.

    P.S. Hope your tooth emergency worked out OK.

  8. I was a bit disappointed wit he fall IK, but I’m super excited about the St.Denis one- there look to be lots of great patterns!!

  9. I haven’t been impressed with Interweave of late, but that Connie C cardigan looks great, ditto on how cool the pockets look. I’m with you on the 43″ bust to start, maybe if they reverse it for my 34″ bust we’ll do better. Can’t please everyone!! I’m definitely ordering the Brooklyn Tweed book, everything is incredible in there.

  10. I like those sweaters in the IK preview too! I didn’t know about St. Denis either so I will check that out. Thanks for the “heads up” on the great new patterns, and have a nice weekend!

  11. FYI, I did some test-knitting with both the dk and the worsted weights of gloss, and I will tell you that they are both definitely worth checking out 🙂 I like them a LOT better than the lace and fingering weights.

  12. I’m not in love with the IK, but LOVE the last two (both red) sweaters from St. Denis. I’ve never even heard of that so I’ll definitely have to check it out!

  13. I’m also not that fond of the patterns in the fall IK, but do love that red hoodie, and Veronik Avery’s patterns in general!

  14. I always look forward to reading your opinions on the new patterns. Thanks for mentioning my cardi. I totally got on a pocket kick for a few months where all the garments I was sketching had pockets.

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