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Retro crochet, and new knitting

I finally got a copy of the new Interweave Crochet, which I have talked about here before.  It’s full of great projects with a sort of retro, dreamy air.  I love it when they go that direction, because that’s the side of crochet I fell in love with – the retro lacy side, not the cutesy side.  I was happy to realize that I already had the yarn called for in the “retro cardigan” by Simona Merchant-Dest (Classic Elite Sundance.)

I’m still waffling on what size to make, but I’m leaning towards the smallest – the model in the photo is wearing the 2nd smallest, and I am smaller than her I think – and I like the way it fits her, so I should go down a size.  My yarn is actually a sort of faded red, not bright the way it looks in the photo.  I hope it comes out – the instructions are a little frustrating so far, as crochet often is if not charted.

I’m also starting another sweater tonight after work – the smock top  that I showed you all the other day.  I got a lot of questions as to what book it is in – it’s from “Make it modern,” released spring 08 by Classic Elite (book #9086.)

I’m hoping to finally use up this shine sport in Aquamarine – I may have to make the smallest size at a larger gauge, as I find shine sport to be on the heavy side of sport weight.  I got this yarn in my very first purchase from Knitpicks, and have been trying to use it up ever since!  Shine sport isn’t my absolute favorite, but it’s a nice enough yarn.  I’m going to knit in the round at least until the cabled section, which should make the stockinette go fast.

Thanks for the camera suggestions – I’m looking at a Canon rebel (used or refurbished) but nothing is finalized yet.  My current camera has taken to make crazy lines across half my pictures, which is driving me crazy.  It hasn’t been the same since Leon knocked it off the mantel last year!

9 thoughts on “Retro crochet, and new knitting

  1. Oh, that’s a very pretty cardigan! I wish I could crochet! Someday…

    I agree with you that Shine Sport is quite thick of a real sportweight yarn. I think it’s really more of a DK weight, really. And I have some kicking around from a very early KnitPicks order, too, and I’m dying to use it up this summer for once! Maybe you will bring me good juju…

    Sigh — love your inspirational posts, as always…

  2. I just wanted to give my advice about a camera…I am looking at getting one and am leaning toward a Panasonic Lumix found here:

    Also I just wanted to pass on some info. This website offers a great warranty for a little extra. It is the only warranty I was able to find that covers if you drop your camera (or your kitty drops it:)). Good luck and whatever camera you get I hope you love it.

  3. You may want to look at the Canon G10. It sure has lots of features and is small enough for a purse or knit bag.

  4. Absolutely love the retro cardigan! I can’t wait to see yours!! I will have to pick up the magazine now – I’ve been so wrapped up in my knitting that I haven’t crocheted in a long while.
    Thank you for your blog! I always look forward to reading it and you are very, very talented!

  5. I love your new retro crochet project. Those updated designs always catch my eye, but at this point, I only knit. My mother recently gave me my great-grandmother’s crochet book, which I’ve posted about on my blog. I love those vintage patterns, though I’ve only attempted knitted lace once myself. Knitting with the Coats Opera thread was challenging, but very rewarding too.

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