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I forgot to blog!  Things have been seriously busy here, as I work 2 full time jobs and a part time one until August 1st.  One of the things I’ve been doing is working on making a website for my studio – if you are interested, the link is in the sidebar to the right (scroll down a bit.)  That’s taken a great deal of my time over the last week, writing a proofreading, testing, and trying to imagine how someone else seeing it would view things!

I have been knitting on the Milkweed shawl by Laura Chau.

The pattern is easy yet not boring, just what I need right now – the little time I have been getting to knit is precious to me.  The yarn is hard and sproingy, like all Socks that rock, and the colorway is divine.

I also got my birthday present from my Mom (my birthday isn’t for 2 weeks yet.)  Our dining room, which I use as my waiting area,is the largest room in the house.  It’s also been the emptiest, because I haven’t had any furniture for it – so my Mom bought me this sideboard at an antique store.

I’ve since moved it away from that giant window.  Love those claw feet!  Sorry for the lousy picture quality – my camera is finally giving up I think.  Can anyone recommend a camera for me?  I want more control than I had with this one (Canon powershot) but I don’t want to spend a fortune either.
So there you go… that’s what I’m up to right now.  This morning I got my hair trimmed and colored – I’m still trying to grow it out, hopefully I will have long hair again someday!  I’ll try to write again soon, but who can say with my schedule – sometime this week!

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  1. I’m not sure what your budget is, but you might look at a digital SLR like the Nikon D40. My husband and I got a D40 about 6 months ago and I really love it. I don’t like point-and-shoot because of the lack of control, and I have a film SLR but you don’t know what you’re getting until you develop the pictures. The D40 is nice because it’s not super expensive , it’s relatively small, and has fully automatic to fully manual capabilities.

    I like your sideboard. 🙂

  2. Love the sideboard!

    As for cameras, I use a Nikon D40. I don’t like the kit lens a whole lot, and would recommend buying another lens to go with it. But again, I’m not sure what your budget is. Good luck finding a suitable one!

  3. The new music studio website is pretty:)

    This last weekend I picked up Kim Hargreaves’ Breeze and some Rowan Cotton Glace in black. I have my eye on “Devon” because it is rather fashionable just now–that slouchy draped look. I was thinking of tipping the ribbing with another color like natural white or maybe a lavender. There are quite a few patterns in the book that I really like, especially Blithe! I finish my master’s degree in Accountancy in mid-August so I hope to be able to knit more then!!!

    I really like your vibrant blue wall–my stairs are painted a similar color called “Southern Belle” by Benjamin Moore.

  4. What an awesome piece of furniture. Your mom has great taste!

    I have both a Cannon DSLR and a PowerShot. The automatic settings work better on the PowerShot.

  5. LOVE the sideboard! We got the Canon Powershot SX10 IS in March and LOVE it! I’m a canon fan anyway… It’s one step below an SLR. I new we’d never get crazy buying all of the expensive lenses but I wanted more control – this one is the perfect solution! It has amazing 80x zoom (I wish I could show you the picture of the moon I took from my yard. You can see the craters.) And such great video that I rarely even use my video camera anymore. It was $300 something which was much less than the SLRs we looked at. Anyway… I guess I’ve raved enough.

  6. Great new website. I’ve been wanting to take piano lessons for a while now; if I lived near you and found your website–I’d give you a call! It all looks very professional.

  7. I really like your studio website. Very classy and personal, yet proffessional. The q&a section is a very good idea.

    There’s a mistake in the voice lesson faq: In the fourth answer it should say “and I myself am a …” (sorry about that, my job irl is finding spelling mistakes, so I can’t help it :-))

    All the best!

  8. I checked out your music lessons website – I like the way it looks! I was unclear on the pricing page – is the lesson fee $64 a week for a 30 minute lesson, or $64 a month for a 30 minute lesson weekly? At first it seemed like the former, but then when I’d read the whole page, I think it is the latter. I don’t know why I was looking at that part since I live in CA… just nosey I guess! 🙂

    Love the sideboard, and Looooove the blue wall. That’s my favorite color!

  9. I also looked at your rates and I live in the DC area (I guess I wanted to see if rates were comparable). Is it really $64/month? That would seem like a huge deal. $64/lesson would be super high.

    Otherwise I like the studio site very much!

  10. Lovely website. A couple of suggestions since you asked – maybe take a photo where the student looks obviously happy & you’re seen at an angle that makes you look more important (from side or below vs. from above). And it’s a little confusing to see the references to “us”, unless you’ll be featuring someone else soon as well. Otherwise, I think making it even more obviously about you & your qualifications could make it clear that you’re the star & they’re lucky to learn from you. : )

  11. I love the colors you picked for your website and I think the layout with the white flower is strikingly beautiful.

  12. I think your website looks great! I didn’t know that you went to IU Bloomington! I’m an Indiana native (Purdue alum) and my baby brother also studied voice at IU School of Music. I wish I lived in your area– I would love to study piano, but (good) lessons are super expensive in my city.

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