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Stockinette overload

The empire waist cardigan is finished – my poor wrists!

I can’t tell yet whether I like it, as this is a sweater that really needs a good blocking.  I’m hoping that it stretches out a bit, as before blocking I thought the shoulders could be wider (which is funny, since that’s why I ripped back the first time!)  Usually things that are knit sideways stretch quite a bit that direction, so hopefully it will work out!  It’s gloomy and rainy today, but once things get more sunny I will get an FO shoot on this one!

To combat all that stockinette, I cast on for Peaches, my crocheted hat.

I do wonder about the idea of cotton hats for summer.  Perhaps in England, where I imagine they don’t have the awful summers we do here, this is a practical item.  Personally, I plan to wear it in the fall, before it gets too cold, but that works for me!  The pattern is fun, and it shouldn’t take too long to finish.

I caught Sarah Jane relaxing in her favorite chair this morning… I love how she is camouflaged here!

Don’t you dare try to steal my chair.”

“Ok fine, but I get to work the mouse!”

17 thoughts on “Stockinette overload

  1. Without wishing to squish your dreams of balmy English summers, we have terrible weather in summer. Well, we certainly have done for the past few years. Today has been mainly cold and grey with heavy showers, thunder and lightning. It has been the weather for wellies and a warm jumper rather than any kind of crochet cotton hat 😦

  2. Hmm, I’m wondering what you mean by awful summers? As in awful hot, awful humid? Because I can tell you, growing up in Manchester there were many, many summers spent in jeans and sweatshirt because it was so damn cold and rainy. Then I guess you would need a hat!

  3. Don’t forget to give your hands a rest! If they’re hurting from all the knitting, you might want to give the crochet a break… if the knitting doesn’t kill my wrists, crochet does – every time.

  4. Congrats on finishing the sweater and all that stockinette.

    I also have a cat who blends with the furniture. Luckily, I know to look where I sit so I don’t squish the cat. 🙂

  5. Boy you must be a rabid 🙂 knitter. My project I started over a month ago and it is acres of stockinette and have yet to reach the 17 inches (knit in the round) required. Not knitting regularly, my writs (and fingers) tire out easily. Congrats on finishing yours.

  6. Cute. A childhood friend of mine shares the name Sarah Jane. She married a man in Spain–I think they live outside Barcelona, perhaps not as much rain? Couldn’t resist the poetic rhymes. We have been having a few thunderstorms here in the Cascade Mountains, though not like the south:) It does give the day a grey color, though I didn’t feel too gloomy. Cozy, rather.

  7. English and Danish weather is very alike (of course, depends where you are in the country, but still) and I know I wore woolly socks almost all of last summer. We call it a good summer when we have a few sunny weeks in the period where most people are on their summer holidays – the rest of the time, it’s windy, rainy or grey. Sometimes the sun peeks through, but I think we get more clouds and rain than we do sun. So hats, mitts and woolly socks are still on top in the drawers during a Danish summer! 😉 At least for me!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished cardigan – the colour is so pretty! 🙂

  8. I love stockinette, but only if I’m reading a book at the same time. Then I feel so good about not only getting through my knitting, but also catching up on the reading! Eng live book weights, I swear.

  9. love your stuff. you’ve been linked. i’m just learning so patterns are scary to me. :p thank you youtube. HAH

    anyway one day… i’ll be able to read a pattern without a panic attack and maybe actually knit something worth while.

    lovely hat (beginnings of anyway)

  10. The sweater turned out lovely and Sarah Jane is such a beautiful girl! I have a white wesite and his favorite spot is on the sofa – on top of a white blanket. So it would seem he likes to blend too, maybe its their hope that they won’t get kicked off that way! 🙂

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